Teaching Our Children

This Blog is about Finding Magic Every Day.

Most Days I Find Magical Things.

The Tiny, Blink and You’ll Miss Them Kinds of Magic.

Finding the Good in Us All.

Laughter.  Smiles.  Love.


But there are Times, When Violence, Insensitivity and Shouting Out Our Differences Overcomes Us.

As a People We Lose Our Way.

Any Magic is Thrown Aside.

I Don’t Have the Answer.   Perhaps You Do.

But I Do Know that I Put My Faith in Our Children and Teaching Empathy.


By Example.


And Not Just in Times of Violence and Strife.  But All the Time.

I found a Wonderful YouTube Video that Helps Begin to Teach the Lesson.

To Jump Start the Dialog.

Brene Brown on Empathy

Thank you for Listening.

2 thoughts on “Teaching Our Children

  1. Hi Jeanne♥ It is so good to here again! I always love the message you send… Seeing the magic and beauty in everyday and also teaching by example. Keep being sweet ♥

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