Exotic Woods. Oh Me. Oh My.

A Plan to Make Kitchen Magic.

In Wood.

In Our Little House in Florida.

When We First Met the Florida Kitchen, She Looked Like This…


 With Clean Up, a Tin Backsplash and Paint She Morphed to This…


She’s Ready for a Simple UpGrade.  Nothing Crazy or Expensive.  New Laminate Countertops.  In White.


Then I Had an Idea…For This Spot…Just to the Left of the Stove.


What If We Created a Wood Top Bar Seating for 2???   A Cozy Breakfast/Lap Top Spot.

A Place to Sit and Gaze Out at the Pool…


I Never Saw Anything Like This.  Mixing Wood Tops and Laminate in One Space?

Have You?

And of Course Even a Simple Kitchen Fix from 2000 Miles Away is Goofy.

A Search Came Up with This Concept, Just Not as Grand.  Simplified.  And Much Smaller.

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Do You See My Vision?  Ok.  Good.

Now to Execute.

First Up.  Selecting Wood for the Top.

I Walk into Albuquerque Exotic Woods and Hear Angels Sing.

The Smell of Wood is Intoxicating.

Running Fingers Over the Wood Surface is Surreal.  And Cerebral.

The Slices of Wood Tower 10 to 12 Feet Above Your Head.

Originally I thought Butcher Block with an 8 Inch Overhang.

That Was Fine, Until I Found Live Edge Wood.

Like This…


And This.  Rustic.  Natural.  Edgy.  Very Natural Edgy.  🙂


Oh Me.   Oh My.

The Wood Selections are All Stunning.


The Smells are Fresh and Woodsy.


There’s Also lots to consider in Selecting a Table Top…Food Safe.  Strength.  Grain.  Age.  Size.

I Had No Idea.


I Finally Decide on Walnut.  Dark Center.  Light Edges.  Live No Bark Edge.


$100 for the 8′ piece.

The piece is cut into 3.


The Shop Understands what I’m Talking About Better than I Do.  Amazing.


Now We Wait for the Drying Stage.   It’s a Necessary Step.  But a Tough One.


Waiting for Magic!

6 thoughts on “Exotic Woods. Oh Me. Oh My.

  1. Love ,love,love it! We have a wood bar/ counter top at the cabin. It has been there since it was built in 1965. They stained it a dark walnut and put poly- urethane on it. We are in the process of painting the cabinets( also a dark stain) trying to brighten up the place. I love the natural look of the wood. I am thinking about sanding it down to see its natural color. I am pretty sure it is from a huge pine tree, just one solid piece. Can’t wait to see your finished product!

    1. I’m so glad you can see my vision and I’m not totally crazy. I want to finish the top with oil, not polyurethane. I want to feel the wood…guess you do too! Happy Sanding! Love you guys.

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