What to Wear to the White House to Meet the First Lady?

This Past April I received this Email…

Have a budding chef at home? We’re calling all kids, aged 8 – 12, to work with their parent or guardian to create an original lunch recipe that’s healthy, affordable and tasty. One recipe from every state and territory in the United States will be chosen, and the winner and their parent or guardian will win a trip to Washington, D.C. to attend the White House Kids State Dinner with the First Lady!

Can We Do This???

Oh Yes We Can!

The Initial Cut is Three Winners from Each State.

The Recipes are then Taste Tested in the White House Kitchen.  One Winner from Each State is Chosen.

Lunch at the White House.  A Special Cookbook.

Meet the First Lady.

Maybe Meet the President.

Memories to Fill the Soul.

I Was Certain We Had the Perfect Recipe.  The Best Story about the Dish.  The Catchiest Title.

And the Cutest Kid Chef.

We Entered the Contest…

And Here’s the Next Email!!!

The recipe you submitted to The Healthy Lunchtime Challenge and Kids’ “State Dinner” contest on behalf of your child has advanced to the next round of judging.  Over the next few weeks, our judges will be reviewing your submission – and tasting your recipe – to choose the winner from your state. 

 Recipe Name: ShrimPosole with Chinese Antipasto
We’re in Round Two!!!
ShrimPosole (New Mexican Posole with Shrimp)
christmas2014 086
We make Posole for Christmas.  Always with Pork.  We decided to Try Shrimp as a Healthy Substitute for the Pork.
 And Chinese Antipasto…
A Simple Antipasto with Chinese Water Chestnuts, Baby Corn and Chinese Crunchy Noodles.
There is Just One Tiny Caveat…

 We Didn’t have Time to Test the Recipe before Submission.  Uhhh, I’ll Repeat that Last Line…

But I Was Sure We’d Win!
We Had Jumped Through All the White House Hoops…
 The photo should be one you’ve taken yourself (no school photos, please). Please avoid all-black or all-white clothing, and any brand names or offensive slogans.


Our Photo.BioGardens2016 064

Child’s Healthy Eating Tip and Favorite Vegetable:

My healthy eating tip is to eat lots of fruit and vegetables and no junk food.  Also you need to exercise.  At my school I love to go to the Healthy Body/Healthy Mind after-school program. It is fun.  I also have gym class, I ride my bike and I dance ballet.  Eating fruits and vegetable, no junk and exercising is my healthy tip.

    I like to cook with celery.  I make celery sticks filled with cream cheese as appetizers for dinner.  I can do this all by myself.  That’s my favorite part.  And celery with cream cheese is delicious.  It’s fun to have appetizers with dinner.
    I also like to make sliced apples with peanut butter for my after-dinner dessert.  I make this all by myself too.   Eating a whole apple is way more fun when you dip the slices in peanut butter.
The White House Kitchen.  Preparing the Taste Test.
Image result for 2016 white kids state dinner
Recipe Submitted.    Round Two.    Taste Test.
Only One Item on the List Left to Do…Time to Go Shopping.
I Felt Like Cinderella Getting Ready for the Ball.
But What To Wear for Lunch at the White House and to Meet the First Lady???
Simple, Elegant, Solid Color, Beautiful Fabric, Lovely Lines.
Some of My Picks from J. Peterman.
  1911 Dress1911 Dress1911 Dress
The 1911 Dress – Linen, Cool, Beautiful Lines.
Graciella’s Dress – Soft, Lovely Drape, Blue.

And for Our Little Chef…Matilda Jane.

A Fun Dress to Show Her Spunk and Represent Our State…

Whiskers Dress

Heat Wave Dress

Palace Ball Dress

So Close…So Very Close.

We Might Even Meet the President.  I was Sure We Would(!)

Image result for 2016 white kids state dinner

I Was So, So Confident that We Were On to the White House!
And Then Sadly We Received this…

Thank you again for participating in the 2016 Healthy Lunchtime Challenge, which received over 1,200 recipe entries featuring wholesome, tasty ingredients. As your recipe was a finalist for your state, we have attached a special certificate that you can share with your family and school in recognition of your efforts and creativity in promoting cooking and healthy eating.

We encourage you to continue cooking and making healthy choices, and share your recipes and ideas with others in your community.

We’re Not Going to the White House.

The Winning Recipes from All 50 States Are Compiled in this Cookbook for 2016…

The 2016 Cookbook

Image result for 2016 white kids state dinner

New Mexico ShrimPosole and Chinese Antipasto are Not in the 2016 Cookbook.

Congratulations to All the Winners.

Maybe Next Year will Bring the Magic.


Here’s Our Important Lesson…TEST THE RECIPE FIRST!

And Always Love the Magic.  🙂

6 thoughts on “What to Wear to the White House to Meet the First Lady?

  1. Oh, Jeanne… what a fun post. That definitely would have been an exciting visit.

    Keep your sweetie cooking. My fingers are crossed that 2017 will be the charm. You both have plenty of time to test the next recipe-lol.

    By the way, I love the purple linen dress. Gorgeous.

    1. Lisa – Thanks for visiting. I was so certain she would win…my husband just laughed! Hopefully the next president will continue with this event…:)

  2. Oh no, I was sure you were going to say you’d got through to the final stage! What a shame, but still a huge achievement to be proud of, well done. 🙂

    1. Haylee – I know…I was so sure…I still can’t believe that we didn’t get to go…guess it’s the half full rather than half empty approach to Life!

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