Is It Too Early for Halloween?

Without really thinking about it.  Without Much Effort or Expense.

We’re Decorated for Halloween.


The Seasons.  The Holidays.  All Moving at Warp Speed.

Last Week of September.  Not Too Early for Halloween.

 I Think.

Truth be Told, I’d Rather Not Do Halloween and Fall in Love with Fall Displays.

A Wreath for the Door.  Corn Husk Swags on the Mantle.

But…Halloween is the Winner Here.

And One Box Tucked Away in the Closet Creates Our Halloween.

Tried and True.  Familiar.  Fun.

Take a Peek.  It is Fleeting at Best.

Haunted House with Battery Candle Glows on the Mantle.  Remote Control Easy.


Grinning Bobble Head Pumpkin and Cat.  Goofy Favorites.  TJ Maxx Finds.


Everything looks better in Battery-Powered Tealights.


1950s Cardboard Sparkle Treat Buckets.  Fragile but Silly.


Pumpkin Head Clowns and a Prized Blown Glass Pumpkin.


Spooky Lantern to Light the Pantry.


Twin Cats and Green Ikea Dishes.  Classics Together.


Love the Orange Glow at Sunset from this Pumpkin.


Is September Too Early for the Orange Glow of Halloween?

I Know there Will be Time for Traditional Fall Decorating.

But Right Now, for Us, Only Halloween Will Do.

What Do You Think?    Are You Halloween-Ready?

Such Silly Magic.

10 thoughts on “Is It Too Early for Halloween?

  1. I was remembering mom. She loved each holiday and started early for every one. September’s were full of red and yellow and plenty of orange leaves. Continue the washburn traditions.. Oh don’t forget the sugar cookies cut like leaves…ummm. Thanks Jeanne. Love to you and your girls. Bro too. Hehe.

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