Sorry Georgia O’Keeffe

Georgia O’Keeffe lived and painted in Santa Fe.  Just up the Road from Me.

She loved Painting New Mexico and Flowers.

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Lots and Lots of Flowers.  And Roses too.

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Everyone Knows That.

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Perhaps I Should Have Remembered Ms. O’Keeffe when I embarked on Painting an Old Dresser.

I bought it at my Neighbor’s Yard Sale.  He said it was Old and from Santa Fe.


Actually He Had 2 and I bought them Both.  $50 for the Mismatched Pair.

I Loved the Dressers Immediately.


Although Mismatched.  They were Tied Together by Rose Decals.

I was Never Crazy about the Decals.


But No Matter.  I Cleaned them Off.  Gave a Quick Waxing and Filled them Up.

And that’s how they’ve Stayed for Years.  Work Horses.

Until I Decided the Dressers Needed Make-Overs.


High Gloss Black with a Red Walnut Top.  A Little Updating breathes New Life.


First I gave the Hardware a Vinegar and Baking Soda Bath.



Clean in a Snap.  I didn’t want to remove the aged patina.  Just a little cleaning.


But the dresser needed help.  Sanding to remove the old finish and the pesky decals.

Sand the Top.  Front.  Sides.  Legs.

And those Rose Decals.   The Decals Need to Come Off for a Professional Paint Finish.


I began Sanding the Rose Decals.

But As I Sanded, I Realized the Roses Weren’t Decals as I had thought.

They were Paint.


Carefully Hand Painted Roses.

Varying Shades of Pink with Tiny Green Leaves.  Touches of Brown for Shading.

The Roses were Slightly Different.  Definitely Hand Painted.

Uh Oh.

An Antiques Roadshow Moment…

What Do The Brothers Always Say About Taking the Finish Off of an Old Piece of Furniture?

Image result for antiques roadshow brothers furniture

Oh My.

Too Late.

The Roses are Off.  The Black High Gloss Paint Goes on Smoothly.


The Voice in My Head Said to Stop at One Dresser.  The Other Remains as it Was.

An Old Wood Dresser with Painted Roses done Long Ago by a Painter in Santa Fe.


Perhaps the Work of Georgia O’Keeffe?

Let’s Not Even Go There.

Let’s Leave it to the Magic.  🙂

13 thoughts on “Sorry Georgia O’Keeffe

    1. Hi Summer – I wish I would have known that the roses were not old cheap decals but rather little paintings…the black paint was a quick project and I do like the end results.

    1. Momentary madness indeed…my quick sanding and finish with black paint is down and dirty but I do like the finished look.

  1. You know what’s really funny? I was reading your post and looking at the picture, and I thought: those roses really
    look like they’re painted on in the picture!! Maybe I should try cleaning up the hardware on my kitchen cabinets like you did with the dresser. I thought about polishing the brass, but I don’t want the handles to look new!

    P.S. The B&B in Smethport is still for sale (at least the listing’s still on

    1. Hi Lucille – How funny…wish I had looked at the roses a little closer…I just assumed that they were different because part of the decal had worn off. I’ll have to look at the B&B again…still dreaming of making the big move. 🙂

  2. Wow, after renewing, the dresser has been really different, look more beautiful, more shiny! But, honestly, I still feel the old dresser with roses on the surface is very nice. Have a little regret for these sanded roses.

    1. Oh my yes, Karen…I agree. For years I thought the flowers were decals and badly done decals because they didn’t match. I never dreamed the roses were hand-painted! Once I started sanding I realized the flowers were oils but it was too late. My secret…I have another dresser that I am leaving as is…flowers and all! Thanks for visiting! 🙂

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