A Teacher and Her Student

New Mexican Food.  From New Mexico, the State.

Not Mexican Food.  From Mexico, the Country.


A Native New Mexican Will Tell You there’s a Huge Difference.


They’ll School You on the proper Chile to Eat with Each Entrée.


They’ll Explain that Sopapillas with Honey are Eaten to Cut the Heat of the Chile.

Sopapillas just look like Dessert.  🙂

And then there’s the Ultimate Chile Question…Red or Green?  Or Both…Christmas.


I’m Not a Native New Mexican.  Rather, I’m a New Yorker in New Mexican Clothing.

But I’m Learning.

And New Mexican Food is Beginning to Feel Like Home.


New Mexico as Home for Me Began When I Became a Teacher Here.


Sixth Grade in a Catholic School.  Language Arts.  Literature.  Religion.

And Home Room.

A New Teacher.  Oh My.

I learned a lot from my students.  11 year olds.  And They learned a Lot from Me.

With Laughter and Smiles and Love and Food.


So on this Chilly Afternoon What a Treat to Hear….

I Remember You!  You Were My Teacher!

Many Years Ago.  You Were Studying for the Bar Exam. 

Did You Ever Become a Lawyer?


One of My Babies from My First Year Teaching.

Now a Proud Mama to Six Babies of Her Own.

And Laughing and Smiling and Spreading Warmth Mixed with Good Food.


New Mexican Style.


Time to Eat New Mexican.

Let Me Show You What I’ve Learned.


Green Chile Stew.  Pork with Posole and Green Chile.


Chicken Fajitas.  With Guacamole, Chile, Papitas and Rice.


Combination Plate.  Taco.  Enchilada.  Tamale.  Beans.  Papitas.


Menudo.  This one is a little rough to handle…Pig Stomach with Posole.

Slimy.  Let’s Pass on This.  🙂


Sopapillas.   Fried Dough Puff Pastries with a sprinkle of Honey.


Tortillas for Wrapping it all Up.


New Mexico.  My Adopted Home.

Still Laughing and Smiling and Teaching and Learning.

With Magic.

9 thoughts on “A Teacher and Her Student

  1. Gosh… We eat so much Mexican food here, too. With Stef having been from India we learned to cook with spices. Especially curry. But she loved Mexican food. I think my favorite food is a Navajo Taco. How cool is THAT to run across a grown student! Really rewarding, I’m sure. 🙂

  2. Truth be Told…Mexican is not my favorite…by far…but we are almost overrun by it here. Yes to see a former student is priceless and especially to hear…I recognized you because you haven’t changed a bit. 🙂

  3. How wonderful to meet a former student again and no less at Garcia’s!! One of my favorite Mexican restaurants. Definitely green!

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