Breakfast for Dinner…An Invention that Never Gets Old

It is Cold.  Dark.  An Early Dark.

Canyon Winds.  Strong.  Unyielding.

A Good Night to Stay Home.

A Perfect Night for Breakfast for Dinner.


Works Every Time.  Please Pull Up a Chair and Join Us.

Disney Waffles.


Whipped Cream Topping done with a Master Touch.


Pineapple for a healthy side.


Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream.


There’s always room for Marshmallows.


Jasmine Tea in a Reindeer Mug.




As a Kid, I thought My Dad “Invented” Breakfast for Dinner…Now My Girls Think I Have.  🙂

I Bet You Invented Breakfast for Dinner Too!

16 thoughts on “Breakfast for Dinner…An Invention that Never Gets Old

    1. Summer – thank you so much…this was her first breakfast for dinner and at first she wasn’t sure how it worked…as you can see, she figured it out just right. 🙂

  1. I had to laugh when I saw the mug of hot chocolate overflowing with whipped cream. I STILL do that! LOL Some of us never grow up. Breakfast for dinner is one of our favorite meals. Looked yummy. 😀

  2. The waffle maker was my “souvenir” from Disneyland…the same one used at the Goofy’s Kitchen …it’s a keeper!

  3. I LOVE breakfast for dinner and these are so darned cute! (It always freaks Rick out when we go out to dinner and I order breakfast!)

    And thanks for coming over and commenting on my recent posts! I am just catching up with comments now! I need to double check and make sure I am subscribed to your blog.

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