Italian Eggs Extraordinaire

My Favorite Movie.  Moonstruck.

Filmed in My Old Neighborhood in Brooklyn.

My Favorite Fun Breakfast Food.   Italian Eggs.

Comfort Food for Me.  Could Easily Become Comfort Food for You Too.

Easy.  Silly.  Oscar-Worthy.

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Moonstruck, Cher and Nicolas Cage 1987


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Check Out this Classic Scene from Moonstruck when Mrs. Castorini makes Eggs…

Need Some Comfort This Weekend???

Here’s How to Make Italian Eggs.




Italian is Best.  That’s what my Mom always Said  🙂

We had to Improvise…Whole Wheat.   Toast the Bread a little First.

Cut a Hole in the Middle.  Cookie Cutters are fun…but we used a knife to make the circle.

Drop in the Egg.


Toast the Cut Outs Too.  Good for Yolk Dipping.


Cook on One Side in a Skillet


Now Flip…if you are so Inclined.

img_2047 img_2052 img_2053 img_2054 img_2055 img_2056



Add a Newspaper.  Coffee.  You.  Me.

img_2061 img_2062 img_2065

The Bella Moon Magic.

Have a Comforting Weekend.

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