A Global Warming Christmas Eve Read-Aloud Story

A What?

An Environmental Spin/Global Warming Children’s Christmas Eve Story.

Written By Me.

I Know.   It’s a Bit Bizarre.   It all began with a Writing Contest.

Write a Story to Be Read Aloud to Children on a Christmas Train Ride.

In 700 Words or Less.    With the Theme of Polar Bears, a Train and Santa.

Polar Bears, a Train and Santa?  Hmmm….

The Prize is Tickets for the Train Ride.  And Having Your Story Read Aloud as the Train rolls along.

The Christmas Train Will Own the Story.

700 Words is Not a lot of Words for Telling a Story.

And then I met Mama Bear and Oslo.  In My Minds Eye.

I Fell in Love with Mama and Oslo.  And the Story Unfolded.

I was So Sure I would win!

   I didn’t.

But I do like my Story.  And I love Mama and Oslo.

Even if it is just a little heavy handed on the Global Warming Save the Artic Spin.

I really do think this is important.  Vital, actually.  But that’s for another post.

So Now We have a New Story to Read on Christmas Eve.

And One I look forward to Illustrating.  Maybe on a Snow Day/School Closed/Work Closed kind of Day(!)

For Your Reading Enjoyment…Meet Mama Bear and Oslo…in 700 Words.  🙂

“Polar Bear Hugs” by Jeanne Washburn ©

Oslo scampered out of the den and clapped his paws.

He gave Mama a warm polar bear hug.

Tonight Mama tests the ice.

If the glacial ice can hold Mama, then it’s time for winter at the Arctic Circle.
Mama dove in the frigid waves and climbed up on the glacier. She jumped up and down on the ice.
The blue ice was solid and strong.
Yes, it’s time!
Together, Oslo and Mama held up the Icicle Star. It sparkled in the Night Sky.
It signaled all the animals to come quickly to the train station.
 The Polar Bear Express was coming!
It is speedy fast and large enough to fit all the animals of the Arctic.
This was Oslo’s first train ride.  Oslo watched the animals arrive and climb into
the train cars.  Each was bearing special gifts for the North Pole.
 There were walruses with ice crystals hanging from their whiskers. They hooted and ate
frozen fish snacks.
The seals had snowflakes balanced on their noses.
Image result for snowflakes
From the night sky, snowy owls swooped down carrying ice feathers in their beaks.
They like riding on the train car roof.
Image result for snowy owls illustrated
Enormous polar bears sat together with Mama and Oslo.
Every bear carried dangling icicles.
Related image
Oslo proudly carried the Icicle Star in his tiny paws.
He sat close to Mama and looked out the window.
Clank! Clank! Click! Click!  Swoosh!
The Polar Bear Express sped away fast.
Engineer Caribou drove the train over glaciers and up and down mountain trails.
His antlers were so big; they stuck out the windows of the train cab.
He laughed and snorted as the train skidded along the thick blue ice.
The owls saw the ice crack first.
“Hoooot, Hoooot, Thin Ice Ahead!”
Image result for thin ice
But Engineer Caribou couldn’t hear their warning. The train hit the crater
crack and bumped hard to a stop.
The train cars swished crazily back and forth over the glacier.
All the animals flipped up in the air and out of their seats.
Mama landed on the floor and Oslo landed on top of Mama.
The star flew out of Oslo’s paws, up into the air. Snowy Owl tried to catch it, but missed.
The star came crashing down at Oslo’s feet.
The train was silent. All eyes were fixed on the broken star.
Mama gently gathered up the pieces and cradled them in her arms.
Image result for icicle star
  • Engineer Caribou bellowed from the front, “Is everyone okay?
    Sorry… Just a little ice crack.  We’re back on the rails.
    North Pole in a flash! Hold on tight!”
    Clank! Clank! Click! Click! Swoosh!
    And there it was The North Pole.
    north pole ice
    The North Pole Christmas Tree is legendary in the Arctic Circle.
    It is tall as a Mountain and Greener than a Valley.
    The animals climbed down from the train and carefully placed their icy gifts on
    the tree branches.  The tree began to shimmer and sparkle.
    But it needs the Star.
    Oslo was so sad. He just wanted to go home.
    “HoHoHo.  Hi Mama Bear. So this is Your Little Oslo?”
    The voice was calm and welcoming and filled with love. It was Santa.
    “Yes, Santa. This is My Oslo,” whispered Mama.
    “HoHoHo. I see the Star had a little accident. An Icicle Star is very delicate.
    I’m sure you tried your best, Oslo.
    You know, there is only one way to fix a North Pole Icicle Star.
    It needs warm Polar Bear Hugs.”
    “I can give warm hugs,” Oslo said.
    Mama nodded in agreement. And faster than you can say, “Have a Holly Jolly
    Christmas,” Oslo’s hug melted the star just a little and the pieces stuck
    Oslo climbed to top of the tree and set the star in place.
    A perfect fit.
    The tree glowed icy white in the moonlight.
    The animals did not move. They all faced north and were silent.
    Then from the tips of the Star, colors swirled and shot into the night sky.
    The Northern Lights!
    The tree dazzled in all the colors of the rainbow.
    Clank! Clank! Click! Click!
    All the Way Home.
    The Northern Lights will Guide You,
    Wherever You May Roam.
    Merry Christmas!
    Here’s to the Magic of the Season and a Happy New Year!


5 thoughts on “A Global Warming Christmas Eve Read-Aloud Story

  1. What an adorable story! Polar bears are my favorite bears. I see them jumping into the frigid water in NatGeo specials and am amazed they don’t freeze to death. I have a 3′ high polar bear that Drollery bought me years ago!

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