Elf Culture

Ah the Elf.

Yes.  We Have an Elf.

Elf on the Shelf.


6 Years and Going Strong.  I thought we would have outgrown her, but not yet.

She has become a Christmas Family Tradition and that’s a Good Thing.

Guess You Never Outgrown Family Traditions.

Her Schedule is Short and Tight.  She arrives Thanksgiving Morning with Advent Calendars.


On Christmas Eve She Waits on the Tree to Fly Back Home with Santa.

A One Month Gig.


She Has Reindeer Pets.

Elf 004

And Helps with the Countdown to Christmas.

elf 003

She Leaves Christmas Sparkle Magic in her Wake.

Durango2015 001

The Sparkle is Collected in a special can and saved in case She needs it to Fly Back to the Pole.


It’s All About the Sparkle.

Elf 002

Throughout the Season She Brings tiny Gifts from the North Pole.

Sometimes things We Need…Warm Pajamas…Headphones for the reading group at school.

Or silly things too…Nutcracker Pens…Snow Globes.

And often Notes of Encouragement.  Notes of Love.

She Has  Jolly Good Times with the Christmas Decor.  They Speak the Same Language.


Roasting Marshmallows over a Battery Candle with the Nutcrackers.


Lounging on the Doll Furniture.


She Hides in Crazy Places and the Morning Quest is to Find Her and the Reindeer.


Inside the Refrigerator.  On the Tree.

christmas2014 001

This Year She is Staying Up High to Avoid Kitten Attacks.  Hmmm.


Our Elf has a Very Diverse Wardrobe.

Fun Hats and Scarves…Of Course…She is a Resident of the North Pole.


Love the Snow White Fur.

Elf 004

A Crazy Reindeer Head Hat.


Or Luxurious Velvet and Fur with “Diamond” Closures.


Wool Felt Skirt.  Sparkly Party Skirt.  Pink Ballet Tutu.


I understand she Shops Pottery Barn and Cost Plus in the Wine Section for Wine Toppers.

Wine Toppers are an absolutely Perfect Fit.

She is Usually Accompanied by a Reindeer or Two or Three.


Guess the Reindeer have been having Babies at the Pole.

img_2282 img_3180

Do You Have an Elf?

Do You Need an Elf?

I Must Tell You, She is Filled with Magic.

And Makes Wonderful Christmas Memories….and after all, it is All About Making Memories.

Yours and Theirs.  🙂


8 thoughts on “Elf Culture

  1. Well she just makes herself right at home, doesn’t she! (giggle) I wish that Elf on the Shelf trend had started before my kids were grown. Great, imaginative pictures! And I just realized looking at the one that out of the 50+ Nutcrackers I have, I don’t have the Mouse King! I’m losing it. Now I have to find a Mouse King AND a camel!

    1. Hi Calen: Yes, she certainly does make herself at home…sometimes she even forgets to return from the Pole…oh my. And those crazy nutcrackers…50 is a huge collection…but a Mouse King is a definite to add. Nutcracker Opening night is this Saturday…let the real fun begin!

  2. Aww I love her little outfits! We seem to have missed out on the Elf on a Shelf tradition in the UK – it’s started to take off in the last few years. The children in my class do get very excited when theirs have been naughty and the other day one boy was ecstatic that his elf had written him a secret note and hidden it in his lunch. It’s the little things. 🙂

    1. Such fun, Haylee…I’ve often said that I wish I had thought of the elf and could then kiss my day/law job good bye(!) Oh well. I’ll have to remember the lunchbox elf note. Brilliant! Thanks.

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