Pet Proof Christmas Decorating

We Have a New Kitty.   A Wild One.


She Leaps and Scampers and Scales Walls.

And She is Very Fast.


Putting Up the 9 Foot Christmas Tree Would Be a Nightmare.

It’s the Tree with historic blown glass ornaments and Christmas memories.

Decorating2015 042

We All Love this Tree.

But when I think about the Tree and this Kitten, My stomach flip flops.

Decorating2015 040

So This Year We have Downsized.  Battery Lights.  No Dangling Cords.

Nothing Reachable by Kitty Paws.

And everything Christmassy Up Way High.

We Hope.

Polar Bears and Trees and Snow Globes and Snowmen.  All High Up on the Mantle.

By the way, my newest addition…Luminara flicker candles…I Love them(!)




Mason Jar Snow Globes filled with Elves…




and even a tiny Leg Lamp.


Simple Branches from the Yard with Tiny Lights and Tinsel.



Even Our Elf Knows to Stay High.  She Rode in on her Reindeer Thanksgiving Morning.


A Silver Tree on a High Antique Writing Desk.   The cord will be tucked away when we’re not home.


A White and Turquoise Dish Towel for a Tree Skirt.



A Tiny Feather Tree with Silver Bells and Battery Lights in the Butler’s Pantry.


Cozying Up with the Christmas Plates and Santa Mugs.


Time will Tell if We Did This Right.


Time Will Tell.  🙂

11 thoughts on “Pet Proof Christmas Decorating

  1. Jeanne, is there no end to your creativity and energy! Your home looks amazing! Even with the three “elves” to help you, it must be a daunting task, but the results are definitely worth it! Love the use of natural stuff from the property!

    1. Hi Suzee…I love using what I find in the yard to decorate…wish I had some holly but oh well….thanks for stopping by…actually my elves did the decorating this year…so fun. 🙂

  2. Oh Jeanne, it is so unbelievably gorgeous I can’t believe it! I love those luminaria and the mason jars are perfect and precious. And the branch with tinsel and lights. And the white tree and EVERYTHING! I just would walk into your home and feel that I had fallen into the most glorious moments of Christmas spirit!

    Here’s a tip for keeping the tree up (just in case someone likes to climb or leap!) I anchor the tree stand with three big containers of kitty litter (unopened, of course!), hidden under the tree skirt. After hating wires attached to the wall, I came upon this method and it hasn’t been knocked down since! After the great Christmas Day Debacle of 1992 when Stimpy knocked the tree down about 45 minutes before dinner, followed by another tree topping a year or two later, I knew I had to come up with some ballast and weight! Plus, I don’t have to buy litter till May! Between that and only putting non-breakables near the bottom, I’ve been lucky!

    Your sweet new family member is simply adorable. What a precious face. I suspect she might be able to get into a lot of trouble and wiggle her way out of it with sweet purring!

    1. What a fabulous idea to use kitty litter bags to anchor the tree…next year…next year. Thank you for your kind thoughts on my simple decorating this year. And you are so right about the sweet purring to get out of any jam…hmmm…such a character. 🙂

  3. So many gorgeous decorations I couldn’t pick a favourite! I need to try to make some mason jar snow ornaments like yours!
    Hope kitty enjoys them from a distance!
    Have a lovely day!

  4. Ha…she is getting more daring by the day…she literally flies through the air…but so far, so good on the decorations.

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