A Perfect Meal in a Perfect Day

What’s a Perfect Meal for You?

For Me, it’s not the Food.  It’s the Atmosphere.

And the Company.

How About Seafood by the Sea?

With lots of Warm Winter Breezes.

Sitting on a Covered Deck.

Flip Flopped Feet dangling over the Edge.

Family Together.

Reasonable Prices.  Buy One/Get One.

Kids Eat Free.

We Found a Perfect Meal Spot…Pinchers.  In Ft. Myers.

Image result for pinchers ft myers fl

One of the Best Parts of this Adventure is First Finding It.

Here.  Come On Along.  I’ll Show You.

The Banyan Trees Lead the Way.

Just Stay on the Path…

Pinchers is around the Bend from this Grove of Palms.

Continue along the Path.  Pass Swaying Royal Palms.

The Path Hugs Tight to this River.

And Overlooks that Marina.

Next to Shiny Hi-Rise Condos.

You Found It!


A Close Up of the View.  From Your Table.

My favorite View.  Just Saying.  🙂

Margaritas.   Buy One.  Get One.

Even the Water Tastes Special Here.

Pinchers Cocktail Sauce with a “Pinch”.

So What to Order?

You Really Can’t Go Wrong with Shrimp…

Grilled Shrimp on Skewers.

Shrimp Rolls in Rolls.

Kids Popcorn Shrimp.

Peel and Eat Jumbo Shrimp.

And the Cutest Smiley Face Fries.

Silly and Magical.

All the Nutcrackers and Work and Schedules Melt Away.

We Lingered at the Table.

But Left Enough Time to Cross this Bridge to the Beach.

To Catch Another Glorious Sunset.

With Some Tourists.

A Goofy Girl.

And Local Sweethearts.

Plain and Simple Magic.

A Perfect Day.

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