Cross Country Remodel Madness!

I am so excited for You to see Our Cross Country Remodel.

In the Vacation House.

A Mix of Wood and Recycled Glass and Tin and Madness.

Mostly Madness.

The Idea Sounded Simple Enough.  In July.

Create a Small Bar Area Big Enough for 2.

On the End Counter in a Galley Kitchen.   Room for 2 Bar Stools.

Have the Top in Live Edge Wood.  Free Form.  Bark On.


We Tried Doing this in a Simple Step-By-Step Process.

But there were Lots of Steps.

About 2,177 Steps.  But Who’s Counting?!

Design the Table Top through Emails and on Paper Napkins over Breakfast.

Have a Friend in Florida take Measurements.

Make Lots of Revisions to the Design.

Select Wood in New Mexico.  Walnut.

Drive the Wood by Car to Colorado.

Craft the Wood into a Table Top in Colorado.

Drive the Table Top back to New Mexico.  In a Snow Storm.

Right After Thanksgiving.

Now Comes the Real Tricky Part.

Wrap.  Pack.  Box.  Ship the Table Top from New Mexico to Florida.

On a Greyhound Bus.

A 2000 Mile Trip.

Have Dear Friends Pick up the Table Top at the Bus Station.

Deliver to the Mermaid House.

Throw In Celebrating Christmas and Nutcracker and Work and School.

Now.  Finally.  The Installation!

During the Swim Hour.

Are You Still With Me?!?

Step 2,173:  Remove the Counter Top.

 1 Screwdriver. 2 Screws.  A little Too Easy?

But No Turning Back Now.

Step 2,177:  Apply Silicone Adhesive for a Strong Bond.

We Have Contact!

  Hope This Works.

Oh My!!!    Yes!

Overnight Weight for a Solid Seal.

The Final Touch.  A Brand.  Signed by the Craftsman.  Perfect!

We Have Completion!


This House is Tiny.  2 Bedrooms.  2 Bathrooms.  1 Pool.

But So Much Fun.

Come Take a Peek at the Cross Country Remodel Madness…

The Soothing Calm of the Master.

Dining Area.  Framed Bathing Suits.  And My First Oil.

Pelican in an Indoor Grill.  Of Course.

The Newest Addition.

Ta Dah!

Recycled Glass Counters in White.  Clean and Refreshing.

Hanging Up the Mermaid Tail.

Full and Twin Beds.  Shore birds painted by the last owner.  Sweet.

You Can Never have enough White Towels.

Master.  A different view.

 Master Bath Beauty.

New Favorite Spot in the House.

A Touch of Mickey.

Gaze at the Pool while Doing Dishes.

Stools from Overstock.  Perfect Size and Comfy. 

So glad we added the leftover Tin for a “kick plate”.

Living Room.  Framed Flip Flops show a Family of 4.

The Ikea White Couch still going strong.  New Fur Pillows just because.

A Mermaid Greets All Visitors.

I cleaned her with Bleach and now she has Highlights.  So Chic.  🙂

Dinner by the Pool.  In the Winter.

That is still so amazing to me.

The Pool.  At Night.

Care for a Dip?

Let’s Have Tea to Warm Up.

Better Yet…Hot Chocolate and Coconut Cookies.

Warms the Heart and Soul.

Thanks for Visiting.

Love the Magic and the Madness.

13 thoughts on “Cross Country Remodel Madness!

  1. I am so impressed with your remodel! Especially from a long distance. And it looks lovely — so beachy and beautiful. I can see coming in from a very hot day and it would just feel cool and refreshing when you came inside! Nice work. I’m impressed!

    1. I know…thanks….I need to fix the wonky photos when viewed on the iPhone…Wordpress did another one of their updates and now wonkiness…ohhh…the computer stuff gets me down.

    1. Hi Wendy – thanks for your kind words…it’s been a fun adventure to do all this on a budget. And yes, summer will come…but not soon enough. 🙂

    1. Thank you Brigid…I do love the wood too…perfect to break up all the tile and tin. I’m not sure how the wood will fare in the humid Florida climate…time will tell. 🙂

  2. Hi Magali – not quite a country house in France…sigh…but Florida and this pool house has its charms…I hope everyone likes the wood top…my idea was for people to see the top and instinctively reach out and touch the wood….a warm change to all the hard surface tile and tin. Thanks for coming on the tour. 🙂

  3. Thanks for visiting, Calen…I figure since I conduct much of my legal work through emails, a simple kitchen remodel done on the cheap should be a piece of cake…well, more like a 3-tiered wedding cake, but cake just the same. Always a pleasure to hear from you. 🙂

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