Daybreak Meals

By the Dawn’s Early Light.

Weekdays Around Here are Hectic.

Over Breakfast, each day, the Question of What’s for Dinner Comes Up.

Eating Oatmeal while Deciding on Beef or Chicken is Not Really My Thing.

But That’s Just the Way it Goes.

So the Question…Beef or Chicken?

Today’s Best Answer…Chicken with Potatoes, Carrots, Peppers.

And Kick’N Chicken Seasoning.  A Weber Grilling Spice.

Pop it All in the Crockpot.  No Grilling in January.  Sorry to Say.

Truth be Told.  Crockpots are Not My Favorite.

I enjoy Cooking in the Kitchen in Real Time.

Whisking.  Pinching.  Flipping.  Flopping.

But Schedules Work Against Me.  So the Crock Works while We Work.

A 7AM Discussion of Beef or Chicken?   Ugh…

But this One with the Kick’N Chicken is Good.

  And a Splash of Balsamic Herb Dressing Just Because.

Just Because it was in the Refrigerator.  🙂

8 Hour Countdown to Dinner.

And then This Morning We Have the Added Fun of Cooking 2 Dozen Eggs for Burritos.

A High School Breakfast Celebration at the School.

8AM Start Time.

Freshmen bring the Main Meal.

Sophomores bring Breads.

Juniors bring Drinks.

Seniors bring Paper Goods.

We Do Our Part for the Cause.  Eggs for the Masses.

It is Fun.  Crazy Fun.

Green Chile Chopped.

50 Gazillion Eggs.  To Scramble.

Only Organic Will Do.


A List of Ingredients on the Wrapped Top.

All Before Daybreak.

Wait.  Before You Rush Out the Door.

Have a Corn Muffin.

While They’re Still Hot.



8 thoughts on “Daybreak Meals

  1. Oh Jeanne, I love every photo, every word, every bit of loveliness in this post. And now I think I’d better go crack my own eggs — it’s more like brunch!

    Thanks for your visits to Gypsy. I’m always so delighted to see you there!

  2. Hi Jeanie…it’s a bit early for brunch here…but keeps the eggs warm and I’ll be over in a bit. 🙂
    Love your sunniness!

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