The One Day Kitchen Remodel…Really!

Ahh…Christmas Vacation in the Mermaid House.

In Sunny, Warm Florida.

Sun, Sand, Shells, Shark Teeth, Boats, Shopping, Shrimp for Days and a Kitchen Remodel.

A Kitchen Remodel!?!

Yes. One Day to Transform the Kitchen.

With a Company that I found On-Line. Trend Transformations.

We are putting in Recycled Glass Countertops.

The Color – White Star (White with tiny silver diamond sparkles)

White Star: White Star

“You can feel good knowing these countertops are super eco-friendly because they are composed of up to 72% recycled glass. That glass is then combined with man-made semi-precious stones, which is why these countertops are so shiny and stunningly beautiful. Truly the perfect combination for remodeling your kitchen, bathroom or commercial space.”

Here is the Kitchen Before Photo. The On-Line Photo to Sell the House.

We never stepped foot in the house before we bought it. I know. Crazy.

The countertops were old laminate in a dull muted beige. In fact, the entire kitchen was beige with a beachy smoke-tinged wallpaper border at the ceiling.

We looked into what was the average cost of kitchen updates and then we painted the top cabinets white and the bottoms turquoise. The burlap inserts in the cabinets were kept, mostly because it was a fast update. We added a tin backsplash. We replaced the pulls with contemporary simple stainless pulls. The fixtures remain white which is fine. The sink was battered and stained.

Oh…look back up…the Greek Goddess at poolside…she did not come with the house. Too bad. 🙂

Hello Trend Transformations.

New Recycled Glass Countertops in White Star. New Stainless Under Mount Sink.

The Trick with these Countertops is that they go over the Existing Countertops. No Demolition.

One meeting to measure and create a template.

The countertops are made off site.

One day to Install over the Existing Counters. Only the Old Sink is Removed.

Take a Look…

Equipment Ready for Action.

New Counter In. Ready for a Perfect Fit.

What will be the Sink area under the Window.

The wood template to cut out the sink.

Countertop coming in.

Good Bye Sink.

Silicone adhesive to adhere the new counters.

Transformation Complete.

Thank you Trend Transformations!

Fast. Reliable. Reasonable Prices. Fabulous.

Now Off to the Beach. Just in Time for Sunset.

A Very Good Day.

But We’re Not Quite Done Yet(!)

My idea for a wood countertop bar area is next on the Agenda for the Kitchen.

Hand Crafted from Walnut. Designed and Built in Colorado.

With Metal Bar Stools from Overstock. To Create a Special Spot in the Center of the Home.

For Coffee. Reading. Computer Surfing. Talking. Directing. Relaxing.

Stay Tuned. I Guarantee Magic.

14 thoughts on “The One Day Kitchen Remodel…Really!

  1. Shocked, stunned, amazed and impressed! Looks fabulous. (Love the turquoise, too!) and the counters rock. Very good. You guys are intrepid!

    Thanks for all your visits! Love it when you check in!

    1. Hi Jeanie – thanks for your fun comments and kind words…my inspiration for the kitchen was the pool…done on the cheap with clean, no-fuss surfaces that will stand the test of time…hopefully! Thanks for stopping by!

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