DIY Faux Suede Sassy

Believe it or not, the skirt I wore from Work to the Hospital and Slept in All through the Night, I Threw Away.

Hospital Germs Creep Me Out.

And I didn’t want the Memories associated with the Skirt.  Gone.  Moved On.

Silly.  I know.  I really liked the Skirt.  It was a Favorite in my Work Repertoire.

But Now Replaced.

With Faux Suede.  Another of my Skirts in 20 Minutes…

With the Fancy Dressmaker French Seams.

The Pattern is Simple.  No Zipper.  No Pockets.

Here’s a Quick Sketch.

4 Panels and an Elastic Waist.  Ankle Length.  Soft and Flowy and Fun Fabrics.

You know, those Wow-I-Love-Your-Skirt-kind of Fabrics.

Sew the panels together.  2 Fronts.  2 Backs.  2 Sides.

Trim the Seams.

The Very Fancy French Seam emerges.

Front Panels Done.

A New Skirt for a New Week.  Snowy but Hopeful for Spring.

Buttery Buckskin.

A Skirt to Bridge the Seasons.

I didn’t have my “helper” for the pizazz finished photo shot…

My Selfie foot and front of the skirt will have to do.  🙂

Make it Sunday Night.  Be Miss Fancy Pants Monday Morning.  Magic.

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