Doors and Windows

Back in the Fishbowl.

Pain leads you here.

Looking out of Windows.

Waiting for All Clear.

Lives on Hold Again.

More Tests to be Done.

Sleeping in Work Clothes.

Early Rise to see the Sun.

Doors here open with Security Tags.

Young Patients ride quickly through.

Parents hold Tight to Each Other.

In a World they barely Knew.

Looking for Answers within each Window and Each Door.

Wanting to take her Home,

Pain Free forever More.

She is Tired.  We all Are, It is so very True.

Finding a Little Magic has to Get Us Through.

Thank You for Your Kind Words of Support.

19 thoughts on “Doors and Windows

  1. Oh boy! Hopefully they can figure this out this time. Praying for Lennon to feel better and for strength for all of you. Hang in there. Call me when you can. Love Kathy??????❤️❤️❤️???

    1. Hi Kathy – love you guys…the procedures are today…praying for answers…last night was very rough…tons of pain…tons. But she is strong and determined but getting very tired.

    1. Hi Jeanie – yes, tougher than tough to see her go through all this…can’t wait for the time when we can look back on this and chuckle…even just a little.

  2. There’s absolutely nothing worse than watching your child struggle and not being able to help. We’d all take on the problem ourselves if we could. These moments can be such life changers… Praying for you guys. <3

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