Stone Heart

Valentine’s Day.

A Little Craft of Stone to Warm the Heart.

First Find a Heart-Shaped Stone.

I strolled down my driveway and founds lots of contenders.

 I also had a stash from a trip to Moonstone Beach in Cambria, California.

Tourists dressed in 1910 attire picking up moonstones on beach

Pick Up Velvet Necklaces, Wire and Jewelry Tools at the Craft Store.

18 Gage Wire.  Sturdy yet Bendable.

These tiny Tools are Cute and Get the Job Done.  Easy to Crimp and Cut.

Wire comes in tons of colors.  My Girls Like Blue.

Wrap the Wire around the Stone.

Add a Wire Loop to Hang from the Velvet Cord.

Present to Your Sweethearts.

The Beauty is in the Handmade Imperfection.  🙂

Valentine Magic.

11 thoughts on “Stone Heart

    1. Hi Jeanie – I also thought finding the rocks would be the hard part…no…it was wrapping the wire…not my best work but there’s lots of love in each twist and turn.

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