An Intersection

Intersection:  a point at which two or more things intersect, especially roads.

It feels like we have reached the Intersection.

Testing and Consultations and Examinations and Conferences.

The Story takes Time to Develop.  To Ebb and Flow.

I want to read the last page of this Story.  Perhaps not surprising with a Story like This.

But truth be told, I have always been a Read-the-Last-Page kind of Person.

Wouldn’t you feel better knowing which Vampire Team is Victorious?  Or whether Scarlet will realize that Rhett Butler is her True Love?  Or that the Glass Slipper will Fit our Cinderella?

I will patiently, happily read the story…No matter how voluminous…if I know there is a Happy Ending.

But even in a Blog about Finding Magic every day…I know that isn’t how this works.

This is where Faith and Patience and Strength Comes In.


Glad You’re Here. 

Yes.  This is the Tough Stuff.

We are all growing with this experience.

And She is Learning and Maturing and Coming into Her Own.

Hearing her Voice is Uplifting.

We Are So Proud.

Of course if I could Take all this Away, it would have already been done.

After almost a Month, we have reached an Intersection.

Thank you for traveling the Journey with Me.

The Story isn’t Over.  The Last Page Looms Ahead.  Just Out of Reach.

But I can Feel the Magic.

21 thoughts on “An Intersection

  1. I am hoping and praying as well for a happy ending. Please let me know if there is anything I can do! Love to you all!

      1. Situation looks serious, my deepest thoughts to the whole family. Feel free to send a personal message.

  2. Praying for you and Lennon! I remember visiting the stained glass everyday. She is in good hands. I liked all the staff there. Phil was in there over a month then another two weeks.

  3. What is the prognosis at this point? It’s so hard to get on with our lives when those lives all of a sudden include hospital visits. But your attitude and beautiful outlet are inspiring, Jeanne. Though I suspect it’s easier to put your best foot forward on a blog. I know it is for me. Praying for you guys. <3

    1. Still nothing definitive…two types of Mono are in the mix that reeked havoc…her immune system is working on overdrive to fight all this…we are trying to stay strong in the crazy, still no answers storm. Your kind words and positive support are powerful and greatly appreciated. And yes, this blog helps to keep me and our lives on a positive, uplifting direction…so much better than the alternative doom and gloom approach. 75 degrees and sunny with white blossoms of pear trees everywhere here…this helps too. Thanks Calen…you have done more than you may ever know.

    1. Hi Ling – Thank you for stopping by…we are staying strong and so grateful for all the support. Shoot…whoever said that ballerinas are wimps?!? 🙂

  4. I too am a ‘read the ending of the book first’ kind of person. I’ve often wished that life was like that too – knowing it will all be ok in the end, so I can stop sweating the details now.

    A month is a long time to be living in this hell of uncertainty. I hope the particular kind of magic you are looking for finds you soon.

  5. Your words are so very beautiful and your photos really tell the story. I’m so sorry you have to experience this and I know you must have your heart in your throat more than once a day, waiting to know the end of the story. Just know that so many of us — certainly me — think about you and your family, sending prayers and hope.

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