Keeping it Together

Another Week.  More Time Logged in the Hospital.

That’s Ok.  We’re Keeping it Together.

Holding On Tight and Taking Strength from Each Other.

Challenges and Battles We didn’t Sign Up For.

Who Ever Does?

My One Tip to get through Any Nonsense that is Thrown Your Way?

Sharing Meals Together.

Sometimes in the Hospital.  Sometimes in Restaurants.

The point is Not Where, but with Who.

With the People that Matter Most.

To Talk and Share and Stay Strong.  Together.

A New Favorite.  Close to the Hospital.

The Range Cafe.

A local restaurant with hip décor, great food and attentive service.

We’ve  become regulars.  Can’t wait to come and say “Table for 4”.  🙂

Image result for the range cafe

Blue Corn Chips.  Appetizers start off the fun.

Salsa for what ails you.

Chicken Soup large enough to take a Dip.

Meat Loaf as Big as Your Head with Baked Acorn Squash.

Hot Turkey with Mashy Potatoes and Squash.

Cranberry Chutney for the Zing.

It is Food that Unites Us.

Eating Food Together Feeds both Body and Soul.

I am seeing this in action.

And the other Food Connection in all this Drama…I am losing Weight.

Losing Weight in a Healthy, Positive Way.  Well, except for the dash of stress.

Image result for the range cafe

Here’s to a Little Bit of Magic.

8 thoughts on “Keeping it Together

  1. Bad way to lose weight but take the good with the stressful. That restaurant looks so good. And you are one hundred percent right about family dining together. Time to talk and to share. As always, sending love and healing prayers.

  2. You’re so right about food uniting us. Why is it we seem to let our guard down so much when we’re sharing meals. It’s so much easier to talk. Even when the girls get together it’s always around food. Glad you guys are hanging in there.

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