Moms and Hospitals…How to Survive without Losing Your Mind.

Week Five in this High Rise Ultra-Exclusive/Crazy Expensive Room.

Working to Get this Kid Out of Here and Well.

Working Hard to Get Our Lives Back to a Silly Normal.

But Before We Leave, I have some Tips for Making It Through.

When Your Child is in the Hospital…

For Mom.

Take Care of Yourself.  This has proven to be the hardest sell for me.  But it’s important.

If Mom falls…Well, you know the drill.

Carry Your Necessities with You at All Times in a Plastic Bag…My essentials include Toothbrush and Paste, Day Cream, Lip Balm, Deodorant and Eyeliner.

Leave a small bag at the hospital with Leggings and a Tank Top for Sleeping.  Flip Flops.  Soft Hair Tie.  And a change of clothes.  Layers work best.  Include a Long Sleeve Top for Late, Late Nights.  Hospitals work on 24-hour schedules.  4AM…4PM…it’s all the same here.

Have chargers for the phones available and always fully charged.

Travel with a Laptop.

Never be without a Phone.  Never.

Keep a Notebook and Pen for writing stuff down.  Doctor speak isn’t always easy to decipher.

Carry Reading Glasses with you…Popped in Your Tank Top.

For Your Child…

Bring a favorite Quilt from home with Sunshine Smells.

A stuffed animal for snuggling.  Either New or a Home Favorite.

Phone with Charger.

New Books to Read.

Notebook and Pen.

Colored Pencils. Markers.  Even Paints.

DVDs to watch on the Laptop.

Tank Tops and Soft PJ bottoms for a change from Patient Garb.

Flip Flops.

Related image

Hair Ties.   Eos Lips.  Cream for Dry Skin.

As a Visitor to the Hospital, it is your Warm Smiles that are Most Appreciated…

If you want to come bearing Gifts, Some fun ideas are…

Tiny Orchid Plant.  Easy to transport Home.



Flip Flops.

Cards.  Notes.  Texts.

 Balloons and Cut Flowers.

More Eos Lip Balm.

Image result for eos lip at costco

A special surprise gift that we received that was Most Appreciated…

A Restaurant Gift Card.

Taking a break from the Hospital for a Meal Together…at a Table for 3.

So eager to One Day Soon Say…Table for 4.

14 thoughts on “Moms and Hospitals…How to Survive without Losing Your Mind.

  1. My heart is loving your big heart and praying for that table for four and that it comes soon. These are wonderful ideas — especially for a child but for anyone you love who is stuck in the hospital and you can be there, too. I love the thoughtfulness and warmth of your ideas — and I suspect more than one reader will need to take advantage at some time in their life, so thank you. Sending smiles.

  2. I hope these are things you won’t have to think about for too much longer. Having a child in hospital is a time when Moms have to be particularly strong. Hugs. <3

    1. Thanks Louise…You are so right…Moms have to be strong for everyone but Moms gather their strength from everyone…a solid team helps…we’ll get there.

  3. A united family is the one of the strongest messages your family displayed during this hard time. Each member has their own ogres to conquer and it cannot be done alone. It’s all for one and one for all. What an example! My love to all and extra hugs to Lennon and my Tess.

    1. Our love to you. Thank you. Guess we can’t question why the road is hard. We just need to move down it, gathering strength along the route from the road warrior experiences, from family and friends, and from each other.

    1. Oh no…that would have made this venture way too permanent…so ready for this girl to go home…love your Dr. Seuss reference…drafting a post in a Seussy way has helped view the reality with a new perspective.

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