Softening Spring Break

We didn’t See this Coming.

We never stopped to Look.

We happily jogged along.  No Cares.  No Scary Book.

Excited for a Break for Spring.

With Plans for Places Far and Wide to Ring.

Spending Spring Break at a Hospital from Dusk to Dawn?

We Must Put Our Big Girl Pants Firmly On.

And Together Try Our Best.

Enjoying Time in our Springy Feathered Nest.

How to Have a Fun/Unique Spring Break at the Hospital…

Early Morning Hospital Coffee and Hot Chocolate with Mom.

Don’t Hold the Whipped Cream, please.

Rides on the Hospital Golf Cart through the Parking Lots.

Kind of like Disney.

Lunch of Pizza, Salad and Hot Wings on the Patio in the Warm Sun.

A Silly Break to be Sure.

New Mexican-Style New York Pizza.

Salad Bar Choices.  Standard Fare.

Thank you to Our Grown Up Girl.

Finding Ways to Make Magic.

6 thoughts on “Softening Spring Break

  1. Oh Jeanne, I’m so sorry that THIS is the reason spring break was changed and your world turned upside down. I have to say that you have one gem of a daughter (well, two gems). Troupers. Rolling with the punches. I hope and pray this ordeal will soon be over, that your spring breaks will be in fun places — or even right at home but doing all you want with no cares. Sending love.

  2. I’m always amazed by the resilience of children and their ability to make the darkest times seem brighter. Sending positive thoughts to you all – and an extra dose for your little one. Hoping future adventures can soon be far and wide x

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