With Eyes to the Family

Holistic Healing.  Including the Whole Family in Patient Care.

I watch in awe as this experience unfolds.

I never had any reason to be aware of the World of Hospitals.

But now in the thick of it, I appreciate all that is put into play.

Each Family Member in the Equation is Attended to.  It is Quite Remarkable.

Where in the Past I might Have Poo-pooed this as being Too Touchy-Feely.

I See the Miraculous Healing it Provides.

And I am Thankful.

There is a special place here for families to gather to drink in the sunshine.

On the Tip Top Floor.  Welcome to Child Life.

With Activities for All.

There is a separate Teen Room with a Library, Games and Movies.

No One Under-14 Allowed.

Child Life brings in Artists to go to Patient Rooms for Painting in Bed.

Image result for paints and brushes

And Dogs to hop on beds for furry hugs.

Image result for dogs in hospital beds

Even chats with younger siblings to talk about the changes happening in the family.

The Child Life Team seamlessly blends with all the “Ology” Teams for total Patient Care.

Once this is Over.  Once this is Done.

I will Remember.  And Give Back.

This is Labeled an Holistic Approach to Healing.

I call it Magic.

6 thoughts on “With Eyes to the Family

  1. Well said. Sounds like a wonderful program. I applaud them and I applaud you guys for taking advantage of what they have to offer in addition to the usual treatment. You are an awesome family!

  2. Your hospital sounds amazing. Just fabulous. I’m glad you’re taking advantage of this opportunity for enriching the family healing. The services they do sound amazing — art and animals. A place for people to be and share and perhaps relieve a little of the tension and stress that comes with things like this. Be strong on your journey and know that every night I include your family in my prayers.

    1. You are so right, Calen…a whole world unto itself, within mere miles of me, that I never knew…but I am so thankful it’s here.

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