Eat your Heart Out, Degas

Edgar Degas.  You know, the Painter and Sculptor of Ballerinas.

From France.

100 Years Ago he created Little Dancer of Fourteen Years.

Degas was blind when he sculptured the little dancer.

He spent 3 years creating this masterpiece.  She stands 3 feet tall.

Miss Doodle 2 loved the Dancer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.

And Now a New School Project.  Select an Artist.  Pick a Favorite Piece of the Artist.

Recreate that Piece.

Miss Doodle 2 remembered Degas and his ballerina dancer.

A Painting needs to be done on Canvas.  A Sculpture needs to be done in Clay.

Two Weeks to Recreate the Masterpiece.

To Be Exhibited at the Doorway to the Arts.

Lots of Kids picked Georgia O’Keeffe and her Big Flowers.

Image result for georgia o'keeffe paintings

I’m going to make the Little Dancer, just like Degas!

Two Weeks…Ready…Set…Go.

The materials were simple enough…

Newspaper for an Armature.  Twigs for legs.  Tulle skirt.  Clay.

Mom and Daughter.

Time Spent Together.  Adding a Pinch of Love.

Image result for degas little dancer

She/We began by creating the dancer from newspaper and tape.

Because of the weight of the clay, we used twigs for support.  Newspaper feet.

The twigs are anchored to the plastic base with screws.

This was a Must and Our Best Decision.

Degas created a nude and then added fabric clothes.  An old tutu, cut to size, is perfect for our dancer.  The tutu was hot glued to the figure before applying the clay.  Gold Sparkles and All.

Then on to the Clay.  School Clay.  I was apprehensive about this part, because I didn’t think it would work.

I was so wrong.

School Clay is fabulous!  It sticks to any surface – newspaper, wood, tape, hot glue, fabric.  School Clay can be added to dry clay.  Air dry.  No kiln or oven baking needed.  Dries to white.  And it’s cheap.  And we got a 20% school discount.  A 25 pound block was $12.

We began at the bottom because that seemed like the best place to start and worked up.

Twig knots make the best Knobby Knees.  🙂


Adding detail like pointe shoes and straps is easy with clay.

Then the body, arms, head and face.

In creating our dancer, I appreciate the beauty and delicacy of Degas’ work.

Related image

But…ah, no Buts…ours is beautiful too.

The braid flowing down her back is a favorite part.

An Easter basket ribbon will be the finishing touch.

2 hours to sculpt.  2 feet tall.

She’s Drying in the Laundry Room.   Sturdy.  Steadfast.  Getting Ready for the Show.

A Masterpiece of Magic.  What do you Think?!

10 thoughts on “Eat your Heart Out, Degas

  1. I am very impressed! Not only is it a very good likeness but just doing this — and in the time involved — strikes me as close to a mini-miracle! Very, VERY nice! Kudos to the artists!

  2. This was a very therapeutic project…enjoyable, fun, easy, great bonding time and with impressive results…no one was more surprised than us. 🙂

  3. Miss Doodle 2 has created her own masterpiece by being original and paying attention to detail. She should be very proud of herself! Love the braid!

    1. It was a fun to work together on this…but now she wants to know if she is going to be the big winner at the art show…what she doesn’t know is that she already is. 🙂

  4. I know, right?? Two weeks to recreate a masterpiece…one boy in the class picked Leonardo da Vinci…good luck with that! Should be an interesting show!

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