Table for Four


After 10 Long Weeks in a Hospital…

Yes.  A Table for Four.


The Best Medicine.

I’ve Missed All of You.

I’ve Missed My Life.

Our Life.

But Somehow….Miraculously…We are Better.

Stronger as a Family.


Not Out of the Woods.  There’s Still More Treatment.

More Tests.

More of Everything.

An Autoimmune Disease that began with Mono.

Dropped out of the Sky.  And Bit the Butt of a Strong, Healthy Young Woman.

But her Light is Strong.  In fact it never wavered.

Her Light is Brilliantly Bright.

And in her Light, there is Magic.

Thank you for All Your Beautiful Thoughts and Prayers.

Truly Thank You.

Hello Life.  So Glad to Be Here.  🙂

14 thoughts on “Table for Four

  1. Her light and magic are indeed strong. But don’t under estimate that light of your own and of your family, guiding each other through the darker challenges, one blinking strong when the other begins to fade, then recharges to go forward. This is glorious news. And yes, the journey may not be over but you are able to be home, together and strong. What a remarkable and wonderful family you are. I have such respect for each and every one of you.

    Sending light, hope and a great deal of joy.

  2. Jeanie…you are correct…we did work together…there were moments when the thought of going back to the hospital was almost too much to bare…but one worked with the other…there were lots of tears but laughter too…and your beautiful comments helped so much. Thank you for the light, hope and joy.

  3. So glad she’s home! Hope you had a Happy Mother’s Day! She’s a very strong girl and so are you!

  4. So glad to hear that things are on the mend! I’ll bet she was so glad to get home. I know you probably all are thrilled to have her there. I will continue to pray that things get better and better every day. Just know I am thinking of you all. Hugs, Calen

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