104 Degree Sunset

It’s Hot Here.  An Understatement.

Ghastly Hot.  Heat that Comes with Warnings to Stay Indoors.

With this Kind of Crazy Hot…Cooking is So Not an Option…

And Certainly Wouldn’t Be as Much Fun as dining at The County Line.

In the Foothills of the Sandia Mountains in Albuquerque.

These are the Early Dog Days of Summer…Let’s Cool Off Inside.

A Love Meter Machine Greets Diners in the Entry Alcove.  Perfect Date Night.

Only a Quarter to Play with a Sweet No Shock Guarantee.

Inside the Chill of the Weathered Walls…

the Place is Jammin’…Flip Flop Country Music.

The Fiddle Player is a lawyer in my building…

Albuquerque is a Small Town.  🙂

The County Line was born in Austin, Texas and spread West.

Cattle Rustlin’ Food.  Served in Huge Portions for Easy Sharing.

A Honey Bread Beginning is a Very Good Place to Start.

Sautéed Mushrooms in a Boat.  Rustic Flavor.  Plump and Meaty.

Garden Salad with almost as many Croutons as Lettuce.

A Rack of Baby Back Ribs with Fries.  No Sauce Needed.

Baked Pinto Beans with Bacon.  Cowboy-Cooked over an Open Fire.

3-Meat Combo Perfect for 2…Chicken, Pork, Brisket.  Potato Salad Side.

The Last Loaf of Day-Old Bread has my name on it…Excellent for Breakfast Toast.

As We Laughed through the Meal, the Sun finally Slipped Below the Horizon.

Taking the Shimmering Heatwaves with It.

And Giving Us a 60-Second Watermelon Mountain Show in the East.

Dancing in a Sunbeam Glow on a Parking Lot Stage.  Just Because.

Summer Magic.  In our Own Backyard.  A Local Serengeti Sunset.

Are You Staying Cool in this Crazy Summer Heat?

8 thoughts on “104 Degree Sunset

  1. You can send a little of that heat to NH. Living in the woods makes the house so cool, I have had to turn the heat on to take away the morning chill.

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