A Dress is Best

Swishy.  Swashy.  Just to Feel Good.

And Stay Cool.

A Dress.  In Summer.  The Best Time for a Dress.

Summer is the Season of Celebrations.

Graduations.  Weddings.   Vacations.  Out of School.

All Tie Together in One Epic Piece.  A Dress.

Moving Up Day.  Love the Teacher’s Retro-Style.

And the White Pique paired with Classic Stripes. 🙂

Weddings are a Tad Tricky.  No White.  Which is a Shame because Summer and White Dresses are Perfection.  But leave White to the Bride.

Sundresses are Cool in the Most Perfect Way.

Cover yet Show Just Enough Skin to look Effortless.

Work Dresses and Summer are All about the Miss Crabtree Syndrome.

Do you remember Miss Crabtree?  Of Little Rascals Fame?

1920’s Silks swirling around her calves and fluttering at the elbows.

Sweet yet Sassy.

Image result for miss crabtree dresses little rascals

An H&M Miss Crabtree Version for Today.

Chiffon dress - White/Yellow patterned - Ladies | H&M GB 1

Classic Miss Crabtree in Black Chiffon.

Image result for buy miss crabtree dresses little rascals

The H&M version.  $17.99…I know…crazy.

I love Prince Harry’s Meghan and her Style.

The Red Dress.

Jill Jill Sweetheart Fit and Flare.  Lord & Taylor.

Image result for meghan markle red dress lord & taylor

Image result for prince harry meghan markle red dress

Fabulous in Blue at Nordstrom.  $388.

Main Image - Jill Jill Stuart Crepe Midi Dress

Don’t Forget Old Navy…

This Summer Classic for…wait for it…$8.

product photo

Get it here.

Pick up a few in striking solids and stripes…

product photo

Our favorite go-to Dress Shoppe…TJ Maxx.

Designer Creations.  Grocery Store Prices.

Sweet Baby Doll Spaghetti Strap Lace Short Dress.  $29.99.

J.Crew Purple Strapless Short Dress.  $29.99.

A little alterations.  Golden.

Summer and Dresses.

Swishy Swashy Magic.

What is Your Favorite Go-To Shoppe for Dresses?

5 thoughts on “A Dress is Best

  1. You have inspired me, although I don’t know where I would wear a dress. Bought a dress at Anthropologie for my grandson’s wedding in May, after which I gave it to my older daughter. I do like your taste … and the wedding dress you showed is probably the most gorgeous wedding dress ever! Your girls definitely have style!

  2. Hi Suzee…glad I could inspire…dresses are as easy to wear as shorts/tees…and now is the best time to get bargains…flip it on and go.

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