Be Our Guest…Be the Chef!

In the Steamy Days of Summer, Going Out to Eat always sounds like a Plan…
As long as it’s Fun, Close By and Cheap.

With 103 Degree Temps Outside, Heating Up the Kitchen Just Won’t Do.

Here’s a New and Silly Place to Eat for the Dining Out Repertoire…

Genghis Grill.

Image result for genghis grill

A Build Your Own Stir Fry Mongolian Barbeque Chain where You are the Chef.

So let me get this straight…You go out to eat, but you are the Chef?

Yes.  That about sums it up.  Diners are Delighted.  Less Cooks in the Kitchen. Everyone Wins.

Have You Tried Genghis Grill?

Here’s how it Works…

You begin by deciding the size of your meal…a Small, Medium or Large Bowl.

Related image

The Medium really is huge and a good price.  That was our pick.

The waitress gave us an important tip…fill the bowl to the top of the rim with the meat and then top with vegetables and spices to almost overflowing.

With that tip, there was more than enough for dinner and plenty for next-day lunch.

The only kind of creepy part at Genghis Grill is the actual bowls you’re given to fill…

Stainless dog dishes.  Hmmm.

Image result for stainless dog dish

I suppose stainless steel is more sanitary and easy to clean.

But I found that Standing on Line to drop raw chicken, beef and/or shrimp into a dog dish is not appetizing.

And kind of weird…but off we went…

First up is the Meat.

Then Vegetables.

The variety of choices is impressive.

Building Bowls with accompanying Sauces and Spices.

Baby Corn and Water Chestnuts.

An impressive pile of Carrots.

Tomatoes with Shrimp and Pork…a Miss Doodle 2 Combo Classic.

At the end of the line, your bowl is turned over to the grill masters…

Where the Magic Happens.

We found Genghis Grill to be a Fun, Entertaining Spot with Decent Prices.

Hot, Hot, Hot Off the Grill.

I would like to have seen more vegetables in these bowls…

A battle for another day.  🙂

Genghis Grill.  Making Summer Dining Cool.

Genghis Khan would have been Amazed.  Thanks for the Magic.



12 thoughts on “Be Our Guest…Be the Chef!

  1. One of my favorite places in Chantilly, VA. Did not know there was one in Albuquerque. Just found my Khan’s Rewards card from VA. Now will have to check it out!

  2. That’s quite a cool idea for a restaurant – I wouldn’t want to eat there often but for something a little different and, as you say, fun then yes. It reminds a little of a chain of Argentinian eateries in the UK where they parade around with slabs of meat and you hold up your card if you wish them to slice some off!

    1. We have one of those slabs of meat parading around restaurants here too, Haylee…I found it a bit weird…kind of like feeding pigs before a slaughter. 🙂

      1. Haha, I hadn’t thought of it like that! I think I just enjoyed being able to graze on different samples over a few hours. And it made me feel a bit medieval!!

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