Santa Fe Style Meets Costco Alfresco Dining

The House is On the Move.

Staying Close to Home has given me an opportunity to evaluate how we live in these spaces and what we can do to change it all up.   Without Spending any Money.

Moving Furniture.  Flip Flopping Spaces.

Utilizing All the Square Footage of this Home is the Goal.

Having Fun and Getting New Perspectives is the Outcome.

So on a Warm, but Not Yet Crazy Hot Sunday Morning…We Flipped and Flopped the House.

The Culprit for the Moves is an Enormous Wood Dining Table with Lazy Susan Top.

60 Inch Diameter.  Heavy.  Round.  Turned Legs.  Formal meets Rustic.

A Table that for Years Sat proudly in the Great Room.  Doing Nothing.

For a time it was the Holiday Table.  But Even that Changed.

The Good Question is Why…the Answer is Simple.

The Table is Just Too, Too Big.

Not Too Big for the Space, but Too Big for Enjoyable Conversations.

Talking across the Great Divide was Near Impossible.

So in a Nod to the Essence of Santa Fe Style, the Table Moved Outdoors.

I laughed.  I have officially become part of a long line of New Mexico residents ready to change up their home and Move Out with the Old (literally) and In with the New.

Historically, Moving wood furniture outside is how Classic Santa Fe Style got started.

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A Snippet of a Santa Fe Style History Lesson…

From the 1600’s to the turn of the century, Santa Fe Wood furniture was painted bright colors.  Modern Mexican folk art colors – Prussian blue, vermilion, chrome yellow.  And all the furniture was handcrafted.  That worked for over 300 years.  But in the late 19th century, Santa Fe began to receive goods from the East Coast by the new railroad.

Image result for history of santa fe painted furniture faded colors


New Mexicans could buy household goods from mail-order catalogues and no longer had to have furnishings handmade locally.  So they put their old furniture out on the front porch, or in the barn, or sometimes left it in the open. The harsh climate quickly bleached the bright paints, leaving faint smudges of blue or red on bare wood.  When travelers from the East Coast traveled to Santa Fe, they were charmed by the faded, chipped painted wood furniture.

And Santa Fe Style was Born.

Image result for history of santa fe painted furniture faded colors

The Rest of Our House Flip Flopping was Easy…

The Turquoise Painted Work Horse of a Table…

Flipped to the Great Room.  Smaller and Cozy for more intimate dining.

Flanked by 6 Black Ladder Back Chairs…

Under a Round Ring Candle Chandelier.

More Changes…Now from Outdoors to In.

An Ancient Narrow Church Door Table with Black Wire Legs that Sat Outdoors…

Moved Back In to the Tiny Dining Nook.  4 Slat Back Chairs.

Topped by my favorite Florida Gulf Coast Shell Lamp.

The Table Top needs refinishing, but I Love the Mid-Century Legs.

With the Flips and Flops Done, Time for By-the-Blow-Up Pool Dining.

Rotisserie Chicken.  Mac and Cheese.  French Green Beans.

$15.99 Dinner for a Family of 4.  Thank You Costco.

Popped on the Grill in Foil Tins to Warm.   No Kitchen Cooking.

Gathering Round the Table Under a Canopy of Elms is Perfect…

And Filled to Overflowing with Santa Fe Style Magic.

Let the Wood Finish Fading Begin.

I know, I’ve really lost it now.  I’m chalking it up to the Heat or maybe Cabin Fever.

But Change is Good for the Soul.  🙂

10 thoughts on “Santa Fe Style Meets Costco Alfresco Dining

  1. Terrific post! I’ll bet Mr. Doodle was exhausted after all this! First, the windows in your home, with everything lit, are magic. All the tables are great! Is that the table that I remember in #58? Second, thanks for the history of Santa Fe style. I didn’t know about its evolution. Again, just a magic post! Keep ’em coming!

    1. Haa…you’re right Suzee…he was ready for a nap…but it’s done and we’re learning to adjust in the new spaces. And yes, that church door table was in #58 many moons ago….I had to replace the cottonwood legs with the wire ones but it just keeps on going. Next up sand paper for the door top, but that will have to be done inside…moving it back outside will be too much to ask. 🙂

  2. How wonderful to live in a climate where you can move wood furniture outdoors and it won’t get poured on! And it looks terrific that way. In fact, all the tables do. I didn’t know about Santa Fe style, either, but it makes loads of sense. A fascinating post.

    And by the way, the dinner looks to die for!

  3. Thanks Jeanie…eating at that grand table outside is great, but I can hear my mother tsk-tsking about how much was spent on the table to now leave it outdoors. But yes, the dry climate does has its perks.

  4. I didn’t know the history behind Sante Fe styling. That was very interesting. I would love to do this kind of outdoor decorating, but sadly our climate would be brutally unkind to any kind of wood.

    I really like the entire scene with the 4-drawer dresser.

    1. Thanks Joanne…I know the Southwest climate is different than most other places…the old hot and dry…but it’s a DRY HEAT…I have had second thoughts about leaving the fancy table outside..but oh well…it’s all just stuff. 🙂

  5. It never ceases to amaze me how sometimes just rearranging things in a room makes the whole place have a difference perspective. I LOVE that table. Gorgeous, even if it IS big! Well done!

    1. Thanks Calen…I was going to put the table on Craigslist to sell/give away but once it was outside I realized we should use it for as long as it will hold up…and that’s how an outdoor table was born. 🙂

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