Take a Spin, I’ll Hold My Breath.

Wild Rides.  Thrills.  Spills.

A Staycation Outing in the Heart of the City.

To Celebrate a Birthday with Special Friends.

At Cliff’s Amusement Park.  55 Years and Going Strong.

An Institution for Family Fun in Albuquerque.

Pay One Price.  Ride All Day.

A Place where My Mom-Fear-Index goes through the Roof.

I have the Parent-Non-Rider Wristband.

Watching the Girls Spin with Mile-Wide Smiles is All the Thrills I Need.

Or so I say.

But with each Dip and Spin, My Heart enters my Throat.

I play the movies in my head of kids falling out of harnesses.

Or roller coaster cars flying off the tracks.

Good Family Fun.  No Thanks.

But nonetheless, here we are.

Will there ever be a time when I don’t Worry about their Safety?

That I can stop the What If Scenarios and Just Go with the Flow?

Cherish and Embrace the Moment, Their Enthusiasm, Their Joy.

This Movie-Watching What-If Stuff is Exhausting.  And Kind of Ridiculous.

But Very Real and Scary too.

That’s when the Parenting/Partnership Stuff Kicks In.

And I Smile.

Mr. Doodle is the Flow.  I am the Rapids.

Together we Navigate all the Waters.

Grab an Oar.  Time to Paddle Up Stream.

Thank you Cliff’s.  The Outing was Fabulous.

The Photos are the Proof.

Moving Forward…

Miss Doodle is at Driving School for her Learner’s Permit.

57 Hours of Drive Time (7 hours at Night) is Next Up.

Go with the Flow…Go with the Flow.

How Do You Gracefully Do This Mom Thing?

I’d Love to Know.



7 thoughts on “Take a Spin, I’ll Hold My Breath.

  1. Somehow I dodged the amusement park bullet with Kevin and Greg. It was never my thing and I’m so glad it wasn’t theirs — or if it was, their mom did the honors! My heart goes into my throat!

  2. In our family, it was the opposite. I was the one who LOVED all the midway rides and my boys didn’t. Needless to say, we never went to the amusement park.

    As moms, the worry part never ends … even when they are adults. Especially when they’re adults.

  3. So many memories reading that. We have a big park here, too — Lagoon! The Beach Boys used to appear there regularly and even mentioned it in a song. Boy did WE think we were hot! LOL Look at us now! (rolls eyes…)

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