A No-Vampires Dinner

Created in Lightening Speed.

15 Minutes.  Just Enough Time before the Pool Swimmers Return.

Faster than Fast…Angel Hair Pasta and Meat Sauce.

With Garlic as the Star.

Image result for vampires garlic

A Cooking Lesson for a Grown Up Girl.

Taught by a Not-So-Great Cook who does know Italian…

Garlic and Red Peppers Sauce.

First Attempt at Made-from-Scratch Garlic Bread.

Cooking Together.  Miss Doodle and I.

Wow, Vampires Could Not Eat This Meal!  🙂

Caesar Salad Mixed in a Bag.  Chill.  And Serve.

Pasta Bowls.  Keeping it Authentic.

Almost Famous Garlic Bread.  A Bit Heavy Handed on the Garlic.

But Magical.

15 Minutes.  DING.   They’re Home.

Wet and Wild and Starving.

Hey, You Made Garlic Bread!   How Did You Make Garlic Bread?!

I Want to Make Garlic Bread!

Can I Make Garlic Bread after the Shower???

A No-Vampires Dinner.  Done Fast, Fast, Fast.   Outdoor Showers Optional.

Keeping it Silly.  Time Together.  Finding the Magic.


9 thoughts on “A No-Vampires Dinner

  1. Truth be Told…my “home made” is from a Jar…that’s about as home made as I can get to whip up a 15-minute meal…I suppose I could make the sauce and freeze it..but …ah, the big but. 🙂 To thicken up your sauce, you can add some tomato paste or the super fast way, add sauce from the jar to your sauce…I won’t tell.

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