An Oh So Boring Dress…To Make Fast!

I know.  A Boring Dress.  Really?


Because it is Fast to Whip Out, Easy to Wear, Looks Good on Everyone, and Cheap to Make.

Sew It.  Slip It On.  Off to Work.  Whoosh.

A 30-Minute Project.

The Trick is the Fabric.  Good Quality Linen.  Bought at Joann’s On Sale.

Quality Dressmaker Details that are Easy to Do.

Make this Number look Not-Hand-Made.  That’s My Quest.

The Pattern is Ancient, but Still Available Everywhere.  Simplicity 8565.

I’ve had the pattern forever but was afraid to make because I thought it was too difficult for my limited sewing skills.

I was wrong.  Didn’t Need the Handy Call-for-Help Line.

V-Neck.  Slight Flare.  Front and Back 2 Pieces.  No Zipper.  Really, really Easy.

French Seams to hide all the raggedy edges.

But No Sleeves.  The Sleeves looked Dumpy and so 1980’s.

Improvise.  Finish the Arm Holes and Go.

Simple.  Classic.  Ralph Lauren-ish.

In a Summer Classic Linen.  A little bit of Rumple is Good.

But Oh, Yes, the Boring Part…How to Jazz Up this Oatmeal Dress…

Jewelry Works.  Shells are Fun.

Image result for shell jewelry

Fabric in a Dramatic Color…Aquamarine.

Image result for linen dress teal

Edelino Linens.

Or what about on Bare Skin wearing a Glittery Summer Tan?

Love this Sunscreen. 🙂

Now we’re talking.

Sorry.  No time for a Photo…Off to Work…in My Oatmeal Creation.

Catch You on the Flip Side.  🙂

Summer Magic that will slip into Fall.




9 thoughts on “An Oh So Boring Dress…To Make Fast!

    1. Hi Annie…my sewing “expertise” was acquired in 7th grade Home Economics…my Millennial Daughters had a good laugh about that…Girls learned sewing and cooking and boys got to build things in shop…ah the “olden days”. 🙂

  1. Sewing has never come easy to me. My home ec dress (7th grade) had a hem like the Rocky Mountain skyline. SO, I not only admire your skill but also wonder how in the world you are finding the time! Bravo!

  2. Jeanie – I do my best work early, early morning…it’s quiet, I can hear myself think, and I am not disturbed…thank you for the praise on my sewing…my wonky, but it works, sewing creations. 🙂

  3. Oh, this brought back so many memories of the days before I had 6 children and found time to make my own clothes! I haven’t seen a Simplicity pattern for years but they were my favourite. I always found them easier to follow than Vogue or Butterick. It’s lovely to know there are still people who love dressmaking. Do you knit, too? I’ve loved knitting since my grandma taught me when I was very young. Love your oatmeal creation. 🙂

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