Chasing the Cure, Part 2 – A Love Story

New Mexico.  1937.

A Beautiful Native American Woman.   23 years old.

 Born and Raised on Laguna Pueblo.  New Mexico.

Oldest Daughter of 8 Children.

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Tiny in Statute.  Dynamic and Strong in Spirit.

Caretaker of her Family.

She Dreamed of Marrying a Cowboy.

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But then she got Sick.  Fever.  Chills.  A Horrible Cough.  Spitting up Blood.

Tuberculosis.  TB.

Medicine was Chasing a Cure.    But in 1937, the Diagnosis was often Fatal.


She had to be isolated from Society.  Quarantined.


Rest.  Dry Hot Climate.  Prayer.


Her Family Took Her to Albuquerque to the Indian Hospital Sanatorium.

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She was Confined to Bed for 3 Years.

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Oklahoma.  1940.

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A Young Man.  Strong in Body.  Stronger in Spirit.

A Lover of Horses.  He could Rope and Wrangle.

A Cowboy.  A Real Deal Cowboy.


And a Semi-Pro Baseball Player.

Working and Playing during the 1930’s Oklahoma Dust Bowl.

Then His Sister developed a Cough.  Spitting Up Blood.

Tuberculosis.  TB.

He took her to Albuquerque to the Indian Hospital Sanatorium.

She was So Afraid.   Her infected Lung was Removed.

He Stayed to be with Her.  He Took a Maintenance Job at the Indian Hospital.

He Watched Over his Sister Every Day.


Then He Met the Girl from Laguna Pueblo.


Sunlight.  Dry Air.  Rest.  Prayer.   Both Young Women were Healed.


The Laguna Pueblo Girl Married the Young Man.  In Wichita Falls, Texas.  1942.

He was drafted in the Army Air Corps.

They Lived in Galveston, Texas.  She Learned to Cook Shrimp.

They had 4 Children.   3 Girls and a Boy.

They Lived a Wonderful Life.

Is there a Moral to the Story?   Is this a Tale of Intrigue and Fate with Twists and Turns?

No.  Not this Telling.

It’s just Simply a Love Story.


I did know the Laguna Girl.  My Very Special Mother-in-Law.

I Never Met the Young Man.

This is a Story with a Happy Ending.

I Love these Stories.

Always Magical.







12 thoughts on “Chasing the Cure, Part 2 – A Love Story

  1. What a beautiful story, well told. All the more magical because it is true. Your mother-in-law was beautiful and Mr. Doodle looks just like her.

  2. What a heartwarming end to this story. It’s a beautiful love story, and knowing that the Laguna Girl was your mother-in-law, makes it even more special. TB was such a dreadful disease in those days – thank goodness for modern medicine. Thank you for sharing this little piece of magic, Jeanne.

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