Falling in Love with a Butter Boat

Collecting and Collections.  Over the Years, I’ve loved a Varied Bunch.

Blue and White China.  Blue Willow and all-things Spode.  Check.

My Newport Mansion Teapot with a Message for the Centuries.

Chickens.  Born when we had 28 goofy birds.

Friends and Family created This Collection.   A Chicken Tote Bag.  Check.

A Life-long Passion for British Royalty.

Lady Diana.  The Queen. William and Kate. Check.  Check.  Check.

The Royal Wave!

Pendleton Wools.  Blankets.  Throws.  Pillows.  Check.

Mermaids.  The Sea.  The Color Turquoise.  Checks for All.

And Butter Dishes.   Mundane, You Say?

Oh Hardly.

In Vintage.   Antique.  Blown Glass.  Ceramic.  Animal shapes.

My Favorite Pewter Turkey on a ceramic dish base.

Some Butter Dishes are designed to rest on the Counter.  Some for the Refrigerator.

I Guess in Europe, butter is kept out.  In the USA, butter is refrigerated.  Canada?  I’m not sure.

Either way, the issue with my Butter Dish Collection is that We Use it Every Day.


And Casualties Happen.


So I was in the Market…Once Again…for a Butter Dish to Love.

While glancing through Coastal Living Magazine, I reached the last page and BANG, it hit.

A Treasure for My Collection.

A new series on Souvenirs brought back from Coastal Spots.

Maine and Maine Pottery is the Treasure Found.

A Double Dip Dinghy by Susan Horowitz of Ash Cover Pottery.

Hand Crafted and Designed.  I couldn’t resist.

Soon the Double Dip Dinghy Was Mine.

Love the tiny wooden oars.

Love the Hefty Weight and Feel of the Clay.

Stamped “Maine” on the Stern.

Thank you Ash Cove Pottery!

Butter Boat for Breakfast.  A Touch of Maine on the Breakfast Table.

I Need to Pop Some Jelly in the Bow.

There is Only One Slight Problem with the Butter Boat…

Without a Cover, Butter is Fair Game for Licking…Gross.

Who Me?

Ah, yes…Butter Boat Magic.



11 thoughts on “Falling in Love with a Butter Boat

  1. Though not a butter boat fan, I love your little boat. I get it, there are some things you have to have. My Shaggy loves butter, but it has to be real butter. He is not interested in any imitations!

  2. I adore your butter dish! I need one of those at the lake.

    I rarely refrigerate butter except in the hottest heat of summer. This one is so pretty — as are so many of your collections. I love ’em all!

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