The Women Club

I began the Mom Journey when I was 50.  No, I’m not in Ripley’s Believe it or Not.

China International Adoption.

At 55, I was the proud Mom to 2 beautiful girls.

Both of My Daughters are Millennials.

I’m a Baby Boomer.

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My Mom was Born in the 1920’s.  A Member of  The Greatest Generation.


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You know where this is headed…right?

Yes.  The Story of Puberty and Periods.

For My Story, I was 13…actually on My 13th Birthday, when My Period Came.  It was the 1960’s.

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We were on a Family Vacation at Loon Lake.  I didn’t want to “spoil” the vacation, so I told no one.  Once we were home and my mom did the laundry, she discovered the news.

There was no talk, other than, this is what will happen Every Month.

You need to wear this Belt and Pad and Stay Clean.  The End.

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And Now I’m the Mom.    It is my Turn to Teach the Lessons to a New Generation.

 I want My Girls to be Strong and Knowledgeable and Proud Members of The Women Club.

Every Woman is a Member of The Women Club…

Michelle Obama, Queen Elizabeth, Taylor Swift, Hillary Clinton, Helen Keller and all the Ballerinas?

Yes.  Every Woman on Earth is in the Club.

To Teach the Lesson, I went with what I knew…a Book.

This Book.  Period., A Girls’ Guide.

And My Faithful, almost Forever, Years of Experience…40 to be exact.

40 Years.  I know…Right?!

The Elementary School shows a film.  To the Fifth Grade.  Boys in one room.  Girls in the other.  I haven’t seen the film, but I understand it talks about feelings and body changes and staying clean and eating healthy.

I knew I had a bit more Ground to Cover.

I also chose for my resources, the American Girl Body Books for Girls.

The Care & Keeping of You…Books 1 and 2.

These are All Great Choices.

And We Had a Date for Lunch.

The Women Club.

Miss Doodle 2 wanted Miss Doodle to come along since she’s already in the Club.

We Shared New Mexican Food.  Their Favorite.  Their Choice.

Breakfast Burritos bigger than your Head.

In a Quiet Booth, We Looked at the Books and Talked about Growing Up.

And Periods.

And Stories about  being 12, And Next Year being 13.

And Getting to Know Your Body and Starting to Take Care of Yourself.


Mom, I’m going to have a lot of silly questions about all this.

Excellent.  No question is silly.  And I really do know this stuff.

But Are You Sure I’m Ready to Grow Up?

Yes.  I’m Sure.

OK.  I Love You Mom.

And so it goes.

Each Generation a Little Better than the Last.

And Welcoming the Newest Proud Member of The Women Club.












20 thoughts on “The Women Club

  1. Haha! With my youngest, I pretty much told her to ask her older sister if she had any questions re: periods. I figured they would be much more comfortable talking together than to me. Seems to have worked just fine.

  2. Your girls are gorgeous! I was 14 and unfortunately had no one around to help me. I guess I just figured it all out. Your girls are lucky to have you there to help them. I just now noticed on your comment on my blog that you had a blog. And I dug around till I found it.

  3. This made me cry! They just grow up so fast. But I guess we must take it as it comes and enjoy each stage to the fullest. Love you “women”.❤️

  4. I was 13 too. Pain in the butt once a month (well, not QUITE the butt, just close!) but if you don’t know the “rules and wherefore” — that’s not a good thing. And if you miss it and weren’t planning on it, that’s not a good thing either. That dumb film. School. Blah. The only way to teach it right is to do exactly what you do and sit down and have a great lunch and even better talk about it with your women. Bravo for you. (Do you follow Dr. Kathy McCoy? Her first book was called the Teenage Body Book and there was a new edition of it out a year or so ago. Apparently Amazon keeps selling the old one but if you’re interested check into her blog and message or comment to her and she can fill you in. She’s — wonderful blog in general.

  5. Great post Jeanne! I got my period August of the same year, I was 12. I was relieved when I knew my cousin got this “gift” too. I laughed at the safety pins because I used them too. Obviously our mothers must have concluded on this great idea!! NOT!!

  6. OMG. Jeanne. You are such a great mom. I’m the mother from Hell. When Oona got her period I distinctly remember saying to her “Welcome to the world of cramps and bitchiness”. I was so nasty whenever I got my period that Oona, at three years old, shouted in the Pathmark Drug Store, on Manhattan’s West side, when she spotted Tampons, in the loudest voice she could “Hey Mommy, here’s those Tampons. You need them for your “eeriod”. Yeah. I am pretty much the bad mom!! LOL!! You did it the nice way!!!!

  7. I hope it’ll be easier for next generation… I’ve noticed it’s still considered impolite to talk about periods in society, like at work… Which seems utterly stupid to me as it definitely changes my hability to work on those days!

  8. Those books for girls look excellent. I imagine they explain, with colourful illustrations, all about becoming a member of the Women’s Club. I’m a boomer too (immediately post-war) and, although my mum did explain what to expect as I approached puberty, I didn’t have books like those to explain things clearly. My mum vaguely mentioned about periods being necessary for women to have babies. I just accepted that.
    Your two daughters look absolutely delightful, and I can tell you’re very proud of them. They’ll be beautiful young women before you know it.

  9. I didn’t have any books either…wish I had…I didn’t want my girls to feel they didn’t know what was going on…yes, I’m very proud of them…but growing up so, so fast…guess they all do. 🙂

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