This is Sizzling Hot

50 Days of 100 Degrees F.    37.78 Degrees C.

Yes, I’m Counting the Days.

Zero Humidity.  Crackling Hot and Dry.  As We Wait for the Healing Rains.

In case 100 degrees isn’t in Your Backyard…Here is a Snapshot of 100 Degrees in New Mexico.

Find a Shady Spot.  With a Cold Drink.  And Stay Cool while we Blast the Heat.

Pine Trees in Planters thrive here in the Heat, but I’m not sure Why.

Sunlight is White and Blinding and Bears Down Hard.

A Bench that converts to a Table waits patiently in the Dappled Shade.

A Mermaid with outstretched arms stands at Attention.

A Lizard Hangs On.

Lilies Open to the Sun.

Tall Elms shade the pond preventing Algae growth.

A Cool Spot.  An Oasis in the Glare of Sunlight.

Fish take Cover in the Shade.

Staying Deep in the Depths.

This is Agave Season.  Their Special Moment to Shine.

Lawns are Frowned Upon…Agave Green Wins.

Vinca Wilt Daily.  Need Garden Hose Watering to Survive.

The Saving Grace Elm Shoulders the Heat.

Making Stark Shadows in the Glaring White Sunlight.

All Waiting.  All Hoping.

Pavers too Hot for Bare Feet.

Gates Sizzle.  Too Hot to Open.

All Wait for the Rains of August.

The Rain-filled Clouds are Coming.  Just Hold On.  Magic.

7 thoughts on “This is Sizzling Hot

  1. Stunning photos and they really illustrate your points about the heat where you live. I imagine you make good use of the shady areas in your garden. Some days here rarely reach more than 23 C / 73 F at the moment. I hope those healing rains reach you soon.

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