15 Minute Adventure…at the Office

Summer is Winding Down Here.

Year Round Schools are already in Session.  2 Weeks In.

Miss Doodle 2 has 2 More Weeks.

Doodle T Day Care is Open.  Our Savior.  A Special Space for the Girls.  Down the Hall from Me.

Noon.  Lunch.  Let’s Take a Break.

A 15 Minute Adventure in the Parking Structure.

Take the Elevator to the Top Floor and Walk Down.

Or Rather Dance and Pose and Goof Around on the Way Down.

Once on Top, We Spied the Local Daycare Center Kids on a Field Trip.

Dressed in Orange for Safety.  Cute.

4 Stories Up is a Great Vantage Point to See What there is to See.

It’s Hot on Top.  But a Nice Break from the Frigid Office.

The Outside Elevator.  This Thing is Creepy.

We Got Stuck in It.  No One Came When We Pushed the Red Alarm Button.

We are Making a Sign…

Beware.  Enter This Elevator With a Phone.  Or Better Yet, Take the Stairs.

Rustic or Rather Rusted Charm.

The Views are Hard Edge Graphic Linear Perspective.  Is that a Thing?

All of Downtown at Our Feet.

Sunglasses are Needed in the Noon Day Glare.

Heading Down.

Ballet Pirouette Practice.  Don’t Worry.  No One is Looking.


The Dark, Dreary, Smelly Stairs Down.

One More Pirouette.

Street Level at Last.

A Little Spying on the High School Lunch Crowd.  Don’t Tell.  🙂

Office Lunch!

The Electric Kettle Makes Great Hot Ramen Noodles in a Penguin Jar.

Cold Leftovers for Mom.

15 Minute Adventure in a Long Work Day.   Magic.




6 thoughts on “15 Minute Adventure…at the Office

  1. I know we’re at the end of summer vacation when I try to make walking through the parking structure an adventure. Thankfully, this time it worked. Sadly, these moments of silliness are oh so fleeting. 🙂

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