Before and After Hair…Worth a Click!

Hair Extraordinaire!

Every 6 Weeks We Make a Saturday Pilgrimage to Our Mecca…Just the Girls.

Sergio’s Hair Studio, A Paul Mitchell Salon.  In Albuquerque.

The Salon is Top Rated.  Sergio is a Paul Mitchell National Educator.

Color and Cut.  His Specialties.


Our Visits are a Family Gathering.  A Time to Relax and Let the Master Work His Magic.

We Laugh.  Giggle.  Joke.  And Enjoy Spending Time Together.

Family Time at the Salon.

The Magical Chair Awaits.

First Up.  Me.  All Over Color.  And a Trim.

The Sun is Deadly on Red Hair.  Zapping Color with Every Ray.

The Before.  A Fried Hot Mess.

Faded Red.  Highlights Gone Rogue.

The Color – Copper.

Apply to the Roots.

Pull Through to the Ends.  In Sections.

A Top Knot of Color.  Now Wait.

One Color Bowl Down.


Next.  Ms. Colorado.  My Cousin.  She Travels from Colorado for the Appointment.

Sergio Really is That Good.

The Before.

Color.  Neutral Brown.

Same Drill.  Roots.

The Color Selections.  Silent Soldiers at Attention.

Apply Color in Sections.

Tissue to Keep Moisture In.  Wait.


Now the Doodles.

Miss Doodle.  A Trim and a Hint of Color.

Peekaboo Highlights.  Color Tucked Under the Hair.  Hidden until She Moves her Head.

The Test Color…Teal.  Very Mermaid.

There is an Artist’s Pallet of Choices.

Any Favorites?

When You Can’t Decide…Go with Two…Cobalt to Teal.

First Bleach.  Foils for the Sections.

A Foil Bouquet.

The Dark Hair must be Bleached First before Color can be Applied.

Big Smiles for the Waiting.  Don’t Try This at Home.


Last Up.   Miss Doodle 2.   A Trim.   No Color.

The Unwritten Rule…No Color until High School.  Sergio Says.  🙂

In Summer Heat, Hair Grows Like Weeds.

No Color…But there can be Curls!


Two Hours In.  Wash Outs.

The Shampoo Station Awaits.

Sink at the Ready.


Shampoo.  Rinse.

Blow Dry.

The Master’s Tools.

Ms. Colorado.

Wash.  Rinse.

Blow Dry.  Style.



On the Way to Mermaid Hair.

Bleached Sections.  Yucky Pale Yellow.

A Good Rinse.

Dry the Bleached Sections before Applying Color.

Now the Fun Part.  The Blues.

Cobalt at the Scalp.

Flowing to Teal from Middle to Ends.

Wait Again.  Now Wash.

Blow Out.

Throw in Some Curls for Style.

We Tried the New Line of Paul Mitchell  – Neuro Liquid.

For Overheated Damaged Hair.

Very Nice.  Hair Help is Always Appreciated.


3 Hours Start to Finish.   4 Heads.

4 Very Opinionated Knucklehead Heads.

Sheer Magic at Sergio’s Hair Studio.


Were You Able to Follow All This?

Here are the Transformations…Side By Side.

Before and After.

Before and After – Neutral Brown.  Ms. Colorado.  Fabulous.



Before and After – Copper.  Me.  Dramatic.



Before and After – Cobalt and Teal.  Miss Doodle.  Beautiful Blues.



Before and After – Trim and Curls.  Miss Doodle 2.  Feisty Sweet.


Hey Guys, I Want to Try a Selfie.

Oh Mom!

Thank You Sergio.

Such Fun.  Can Hardly Wait for 6 Weeks.

Maybe I’ll Try Platinum…What Do You Think?



12 thoughts on “Before and After Hair…Worth a Click!

  1. Fascinating! Kept waiting to see what Mr. Doodle was having done. Love Mrs. Doodle’s color and cut. Ms. Colorado looks great, worth the trip! But those Doodle girls, gorgeous! What awesome hair! Love the colors and curls! I am so jealous of those with great hair! Sergio rocks!

  2. Hi Laura…Thank you…hair transformations every 6 weeks is fun…hope you find someone in your neck of the woods…if not, we’d love to see you here. 🙂

    1. THanks Jeanie…my phone case was a birthday gift from the girls…I forget that I have it and chuckle when I notice it. But I do so love all things royal. 🙂

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