Into the Deep Blue

Job Title:  Aquarium Diver.

Job Description:  Swim with Fish.  Swim in Shark Tank.

Feed Fish.  Check Fish for Injuries.  Clean Tank.

Wave to Diners at Shark Reef Café.

Only Those Who Enjoy Jumping into the Deep Blue Need Apply.

I grew up on Long Island.  Living at the Beach.  Salt Water flows through My Veins.

Living Out West is Hard for Me.  I Miss the Sea.


This is the Shark Reef Café.  Located at the Albuquerque BioPark.

It’s Hands Down the Coolest Restaurant in Town.

For the HUGE Fish Tank.  Not So Much for the FOOD.

After Our Garden Stroll, We stopped for Lunch and to Watch the Fish Action.

Cheeseburger and Fries.  Decent.  Standard.  All American Fare.

Chicken Salad and Avocados on a Sea of Greens.  A little Better than Decent.  Sort of Exotic. 🙂

Then it was Time to Feed the Fish.

Great Care is Taken with the Fish Feeding.  Some Need to be Hand Fed by the Diver.

Then the Tank Cleaning Begins.

All Eyes are Riveted on the Diver and His Task.

A Magical Into the Blue Afternoon.

I Would Love to be a Diver.  How About You?





10 thoughts on “Into the Deep Blue

    1. Hi Christine…I talk bravely about wishing to be a diver in those tanks, but truth is…I’ve never dived and would probably be a tad freaked out about jumping into the tank…but it certainly looks magical from the outside looking in. 🙂

    1. Me Too – I love aquariums! Because we live so close to this one, I sometimes forget it’s here…and this post was just about the restaurant attached to the aquarium…next visit we’ll have to venture inside. 🙂

    1. The aquarium does have more than one diver. In fact, on this afternoon, two were in the tank together. One feeding the fish, one cleaning the glass. Oh, my, yes…I am a long way from home…the East Coast will always be Home for me…getting a hit of the salt water smell soothes my soul.

  1. I wouldn’t mind swimming with most of those fish – but you can count me out when it comes to swimming with the sharks! That’s the type of thing nightmares are made of! Great post, Jeanne. That looks like a great day out. 🙂

  2. I understand the sharks are not a problem because they are well fed…at least that’s what the BioPark says…but has anyone told the Sharks? Would make for an interesting movie…another Sharkado Flick.

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