Road Trip?

Can You Guess the Restaurant?

Perched on the Frontage Road of a Major Thoroughfare…You Can’t Miss this Spot.

An All-In All-American Establishment.

The Parking Lot is Filled with RVs, SUVs, Family Vans and Tour Buses.

It is a Dining Experience Where the Menu is Extensive.  The Prices are Reasonable.

And the Décor is Exactly a Mirror-Image to All the Others from Coast to Coast.

Cracker Barrel Locations

A Dining Spot that Pops Up Almost Everywhere…

Need Another Hint?

Yes.  Cracker Barrel.

Is There One Close By You Too?


Image result for cracker barrel


I Always feel like I’m on a Crazy Road Trip when We Eat Here.

With Un-Plugged Entertainment at Every Table.  The Famous Tee Game.

The Challenge is to Remove All but One of the Golf Tees.

Our Best Effort Left 2.

There Must Be a Special Strategy Trick to Master The Game.    Any Ideas?

Cracker Barrel Décor is a Mix of Collected Antique Treasures Meets Folksy Country Charm.

Or Something Like That.

An Eye-Popping Deer Mount Over a Walk-in Hearth Surveys the Dining Room.

Family Photos of No One in Particular Grace the Walls.


As We Chat About School Supplies and the Pending School Year…

Someone’s Great, Great, Great Grandmother Listens with a Stern but Approving Stare.

Close By, a Dapper Gentleman Enjoys the Ever-Changing Buzz in the Room.


Ahh, Sunday Dinner Enjoyed by Road Weary Warriors and the Locals.

Cracker Barrel may be Quirky, but the Food is Good.

Here’s a Sampling…

Shrimp with Pinto Beans and Turnip Greens.

Warm Cornbread.  Real Butter.

Camp Fire Chicken.  Steamed in Foil over an Open Fire.

An Only-Served-in-the-Summer Special.

Chicken.  Red Potatoes.  Carrots.  Corn on the Cob.  Excellent.

We Take a Splurge with Dessert Just Because.

S’mores.   Shared with 4 Spoons.

It Even Has the Toasted Marshmallow Smell and Taste.

You Can’t Miss the Cracker Barrel Gift Shoppe…I Mean Truly, You Can’t.

In and Out the Front Doors, You Must Weave Through the Gift Shoppe to get to the Dining Room.

I Understand Cracker Barrel Makes a Killing Selling All this Stuff…

On This Outing, Cowboy Meets Indian Tableware.

And the Next 4 Months of Holiday Offerings…

From Halloween All the Way to Christmas.  I Know…Right?!

With this Crowd, Someone Always Manages to Find a Too-Cute-to-Leave-Behind Something.

A Cotton Candy Peep.  Cute.  🙂

So Here it Is…An Old Fashioned Summer Sunday Afternoon Dinner.

Right Around the Corner from Home.

I’ll Venture a Bet it’s Right Around the Corner from Your Home Too.

Dining and Relishing Road Trip Fantasies and Activities.

And Oh the Stuff You’ll Learn Over a Meal at Cracker Barrel…

I Had No Idea Miss Doodle 2 is a Champ at Checkers.

Mom…I Have an App!

A Mini Road Trip.

No Maps or Tents or Signs Needed.  🙂

Just Plenty of Simple Magic.

4 thoughts on “Road Trip?

  1. Exactly, Calen…they make a killing on all that stuff…the food is just ok, I agree…I’m also not crazy about their politics, but I’ll leave that to another blog…we always have a goofy, silly time there.

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