A Crack of Dawn to Dusky Dusk Celebration

A Milestone Birthday.  A Time of Celebration.

A Before-the-Sun-Up Breakfast Party Complete with a Treasure Hunt is Perfect.

Early.  Yes.  Sleepy Heads all around.  But Ramped Up with a Hunt for Treasure.

Oatmeal.  Flaky Croissants.  With a Side of Donuts. 🙂

I Have Come to Realize that in a Family, Doing Something Two Times Creates a Tradition.

A Crack of Dawn Birthday Celebration is One of Our Family Traditions.

I know…a Tad Nuts…But Hey…It Works.

Even a Tradition requires a Full Week of Planning.

Shopping for Gifts for the Party Girl is a Family Affair.  TJ Maxx Works.

Mr. Doodle is an excellent Clothes Shopper of Teen Atire.  Who Knew?!

Gifts are Wrapped and Labeled with a Number.

Secret Hiding Places are Discovered for the Gifts.  Poetry Clues are Written.

10 Clues for 10 Gifts.

A WoW Centerpiece is Crafted…Cost…Free.

What You Need:  Branch from the Yard.  A Fancy Pitcher.  Rocks.  Napkins.  Ribbon.

Set the Branch upright in the pitcher.  Stabilize with Rocks.

The Black Cat Napkins are from TJ Maxx’s.  Hole punch the top.  Thread a ribbon.  Hang.

Sun Not Quite Up.  The Table is Ready.

The Treasure Map Clues.

A Rousing Hunt…Gifts are Everywhere…Under the Bed.  In the Sink.  Inside the Wok.

By 7:30 AM…Party Phase One is Over…Off to School and Work.

Then On to Party Phase Two.

Birthday Dinner.  The Birthday Girl’s Choice…Buca Di Beppo.


Grazing Past Heavy Hitters on the Way to the Kitchen Table.

The Party Table Awaits.

The Best Seat in the Place to Watch All the Swirling Action.

The Party Girl and Her Court.

The Parade of Food Begins.

Every Dish En Route to the Dining Room is Presented to Us.

The Party Choices…Spaghetti and Meat Balls.

Shrimp with Penne Pasta.

And Always Save Room for a Birthday Dessert.

With Rousing Birthday Singing and Dancing.

By the Wait Staff.

And a Lighted Candelabra for Making Special Wishes.

A Magical Day.  From Dawn to Dusk.

12 thoughts on “A Crack of Dawn to Dusky Dusk Celebration

  1. You Rock Too…thanks…no, we didn’t eat all that food…when you eat in the kitchen, the wait staff presents each dish to you as it is brought to the dining room…it is goofy but fun.

  2. I know, right…Thanks for the chuckle this morning Calen…guess the whimsy is so ingrained I don’t recognize it for what it really is…does that make sense?…I’m rambling…here’s to a whimsical day! 🙂

  3. I just love this! What a great tradition and a clever and creative one. And I love how it ends — haven’t been to Buca di B. in ages but what a great place! I hope all of Miss Doodle’s wishes come true this year — and yours too, you creative soul!

  4. The treasure hunt is a fun tradition but at a ghastly hour…guess that’s what adds to the fun. And eating in the kitchen at Buca brings me right back to dinners at home eating in the kitchen…Spaghetti and meatballs with pots clanking and everyone talking at once…home cooking mixed with love. 🙂

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