A Santa Fe Wink in Time

To Really Experience Santa Fe, New Mexico, You Need to Live It.

If Only for a Few Days.  Maybe Just a Weekend.

Reading About It Works, Sort Of.  But to Get the Full-On Flavor of Santa Fe, You Need to Breathe in the Pinon-Scented Air.  Taste the Green Chile.  Feel the Exquisite Leathers.

And Definitely Sit for a Spell and Watch the Characters.

But If You Only Have a Wink of Time, Try Santa Fe by Train.

Traveling by Train is Streamlined and Fun.  And No Car Parking Burdens Once You Hit Santa Fe.

The Rail Runner Train.  One Hour.  Albuquerque to Santa Fe.

A Wink.  A Blink.  And You’re There.

Relax and Enjoy the Mountains and Sagebrush Hills as You Streak By.

Then Be Prepared to Be Amazed.

In a Wink, You’re Here.

The Santa Fe Plaza Shoppes are Dazzling.

Stop for a Bite at Plaza Café.  West Side of the Plaza.

Classic Cheeseburger.  Crunchy Slaw.  Kosher Pickle.

Enchiladas are basic New Mexican Fare…Filled with Fresh Roasted Green Chile, these are Excellent.

New Mexican Christmas Comfort Food…Posole.  With Pork and Red Chile.  Always on the Menu.

Steak Fajitas.  Tender Beef with Roasted Red and Green Peppers.


Legendary Santa Fe Architecture is the Norm.   Adobe and Wrought Iron.

Touch the Cool Adobe Walls.  Thick and Curved.  Ancient.

Vigas and Heavy Wood Doors.  Massive and Strong.


Sculptures.  Paintings.  At Every Turn.



Mountain Lion surveys his domain.

Everyone Walks By and Gives Him a Pet.


Feeling a Zen Moment.


One Eye.  To Be Safe.


Don’t Forget to Look Down.  Historical Brass Plates decorate the Sidewalks.


Then Venture Inside to the Plaza Shoppes.


Furs in Colors that Only Santa Fe Could Dream Up.


Cowboy Boots.  Swoon-Worthy.

Ready for a Close Up.


Antique Squash Blossom.  Turquoise and Silver.


Exotic Skins.  Boots in Ostrich and Snake.


Yes.  This is Mink.

Yup.  More Mink.  In Fairy Godmother Pink.


And Lavender and Mint.  I Know.


If You’re Not Into Wearing the Skins…there is Always the Home Décor Piece.  In Cowhide and Leather.


Even Touristy Gift Shoppes are Uniquely Santa Fe.

Velvet Navajo Dolls.  Hand Made.  My Favorite.

Chocolate as Turquoise Nuggets.

Retro Matchbooks.

Pendleton Blankets and Wraps.  Warmest Wool.

Mexican Hand Painted Ceramics.

Mexican Folk Art Saints.

Paper Flowers.

A Goofy Zebra…I Think.

We Stopped in at the La Fonda Hotel.  The Top of the Top.

Even the Windows are Masterpieces.


The Courtyard Dining Room.



Love the Hotel Guest Phone.

A La Fonda Gift Shoppe Mug.  Enchanting.


Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi commands the East Side of the Plaza.

The Bells Were Chiming for Mass.


Santa Fe is truly Filled to Overflowing with Art.  Every Scale.  Ever Color.  Every Medium.


Don’t Forget to Visit the Last Man Standing Five & Dime.  A Hoot of a Place Filled with Nostalgia.

Greetings from Santa Fe.  Wish You Were Here!


And Yes, Starbucks Too.  There’s Always a Starbucks.  How Do They Do That???


The Finest of Fine Art.  Window Shopping Extraordinaire.

On the Walk Back to the Train…Cute Felt Foxes waiting to be taken home.


The Rail Runner Train Waits Too.

Santa Fe.  Worth a Trip to Fill Your Heart and Soul.

Always Magical.



11 thoughts on “A Santa Fe Wink in Time

  1. Looks amazing – so much colour, so many beautiful things; Mrs Britain would love it – and even I can put up with a smidgen of retail therapy. The artwork is stunning! Shame about the Starbucks…what are the pubs like? 🙂

  2. Love this blog and will certainly keep it and share it! Was out of town and almost didn’t see it …. glad I did! I think I will grab a friend and do it!

  3. An amazing tour of Santa Fe! I’d love to see it for myself one day. It looks so bright and colourful – and all those mouth-watering meals to choose from. As you say, travel by train is such a relaxing experience, and no hassle with parking the car. I’d sooner to travel to Santa Fe on the Rail Runner train than by road any day. Thank you for sharing your amazing photos!

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