A Sea Captain’s Cottage in a Flash

In the Middle of the Desert.  In a Tiny Cottage for 4.

Lived a Sea Captain who Longed for the Sea to be Outside Her Door.

All the Collected Shells Placed Round the House.

Didn’t Bring the Ocean Feel…Not a Drop…Not a Douse.

With Dwindling Funds for a Cottage Remake.

The Sea Captain Made a Wish and Pixers Called with a Shake.

Pixers has Hundreds of Murals in Every Size, Shape and Feel.

  With No Fakey Palm Trees as a Choice in this Deal.

Selecting the Perfect Design is Fun to Do.

Installation is Simple…Just Watch this Sea Captain and Her Crew.

Pixers – We live to change.

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Welcome to the Sea Captain Cottage.

Early Morning.  Let’s Get Started!

The Before.

A Tiny Living Room.

Rock and Shell Fireplace.  Couch.  Coffee Table.  Santa Fe Style Banco.  TV.

A Blank Wall above the Banco.  90 x 72 Inches.

The Spot for a Change.

Hello Pixers!

Let’s Work Some Magic.

Pixers has Super Fast Delivery.   Beautifully Packaged.

The Excitement Builds.


The 90 x 72 Inch Mural comes in 3 Separate Rolls.

Thick Paper.  Matte Finish.


Paste is Included.  Exactly what’s needed to complete the job.

With Easy to Follow Picture Directions in the Installation Manual.


We begin by rolling out each section on the table to see how the design fits together.

 A Beach Scene.

Rustic Wood Boardwalk.  Wispy Beach Grass.  Sand.  Ocean.  Sky.

The Sea Captain Smiles.  This Could Work.


But Only these Hands for the Job.  With No Experience in Paper Hanging.

Oh Boy.

The Sea Captain is Worried, but All Forge Ahead.

First Mix the Paste.


Uh Oh…No Pan for the Paste.  No Problem.  A Pizza Box for the Goop.  Perfect.

3 Rolls Should Cover the 90 x 72 Inch Space.


Next.  Roll the Paste on the Wall with a Roller.


Our One Problem…the heavy textured wall.

We should have tried to remove the texture first for a smoother application.

We Didn’t.  Hopefully this will work.

But Please Note:  A smooth surface definitely makes for a sharper finished job.


Forging On.  Begin with the First Section.


Gentle Hands.  Working Together.


 All Hands on Deck for the Morning Transformation.

One Hour.

Hello Beach!

Step Back for a First Look.

Not Quite Done…Air Pockets Need to be Eased Out.

The Sea Captain Adds Rustic Wood Slats to frame the Scene

Wow!  That was Fast!

Let’s Take a Look Back at the Before.

And the Magical After.  Fun With Pixers.

One Hour.  Start to Finish.

Ahhh…Can You Smell the Sea Air?

Thanks Pixers.   Love the Magic!

This is a Sponsored Post by Pixers. 

All Photographs, Thoughts, Story and Comments are My Own.


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