Adios Irma…Thanks for Leaving Us Safe.

Hurricane Irma Blew In Fast with a Wallop and a Flip and Some Sass.

The Tiny House Stood Tall and Strong.

 A Dear Friend Stopped By Our House to Assess the Damage.

And She Sent Photos…

Pool Cage Weathered 75mph Winds.

Tree Still Upright and Strong in the Front Yard.  Rain-Soaked but Standing.

Pool Water Level 2 Inches below the Surface.  No Overflowing.  Some Mold to Clean on the Deck.

Electrical Power is Off and Won’t Be On Any Time Soon.

Pools without Filtering in Florida Quickly Turn Green.

But We Can Do Green.


Our House Guests drove 27 Hours to Find Shelter from Irma.  The closet available hotel vacancy was In Tennessee.

Their Drive Back to Florida took 24 Hours.  But They Made it Back.  Safe.

Thankfully The Little House is Still Here.

We Can Breathe Now.

Hope You Fared Well in the Storm.  Thankful for the Magic.




9 thoughts on “Adios Irma…Thanks for Leaving Us Safe.

  1. I was fairly certain it would be ok…Mr. Doodle, on the other hand, by Saturday night after non-stop Weather Channel watching, was ready to put the house on the market and walk away. 🙂

  2. Thank you all for your kind words…the slower this monster storm moved, the crazier we became…worrying but unable to do anything…so totally out of my comfort zone…but thankful for good friends and positive all-clear news.

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