Make a Wish

A Little Update.

The Doctor Appointment Mid-Point through the Treatment.

Mid-Point in this Scary, but We’re Doing This Saga.

Autoimmune Disease.  I can barely spell the word, let alone deal with all its trappings.

But We’re Doing This.  And All Her Charts and  Numbers Look Excellent.

And We Have Been a Team.  Doctors.  Hospital.  School.  Dance.  And Us.

And Ms. Doodle Feels Good.  School and Dancing and Being Fully Engaged in Getting Well.

And She Totally Understands What is Happening, the Goals and How To Get There.

And Beating this Crap.  Eradicating This Thing.  Moving On.  Stronger and Better than Before.

While They were at the Doctor, I Paced at Work.  Paced in My Head.  Paced in My Heart.

Checking the Time Hundreds of Time.

Trying to Visualize What Was Happening.  Trying to Will Positive Results.

And Waiting for the Phone Call.

Hi Mom.  I’m Good.  And Guess What…I Get to Make a Wish!

Make a Wish???

Mr. Doodle confirmed it.  Yes, the Make a Wish Foundation.  She is Eligible to Make a Wish.

Any Wish.  Travel.  Meet Someone.  Go on a Shopping Spree.

Or Give Her Wish Away.

My Head was Swirling.  Make a Wish?  Yes, a wonderful organization.

But Why?  How Can She Be Eligible to Make a Wish?

Mom…I Have a Life-Threatening Disease.

Oh.  Yeah.  That’s Right.  Gee.  Slipped My Mind.  For a Nano-Second.

And We Laughed.  A Little.



At Dinner We Talked More About Make a Wish.

What Should I Wish For?

Mr. Doodle went First.  The Wish is All Yours.  You Decide.  It’s Your Wish.

But I Want the Whole Family to Be Included.

Miss Doodle 2 Had Tons of Ideas…

Meet a YouTuber!  Go To Disney World!   Or Disneyland!



Mom…What Do You Think I Should Wish For?

I’m Afraid My Wish is Not in the Make a Wish Bag.

I Know Mom.  But I’m Getting Better and I Want Us All To Do Something Together.



I Guess I Already Got My Wish.

I Will Never Know Why Bad Stuff Happens, But This Has Made Us All Stronger and Better.

I am Thankful for This Magic.


The Make a Wish Foundation.  Thank You.


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15 thoughts on “Make a Wish

  1. A beautiful post, Jeanne, full of positivity, courage and love. Your daughter sounds an amazing person and a real fighter. The wonderful team effort you describe is truly heartwarming and your stunning photos are a joy to see.

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