Finally, WordPress Help for Non-Computer Geeks

When Blogging, I am Learning that a Degree in Computers Would be Very Helpful.

A Law Degree…Not So Much.

Lately I’ve Had Computer Issues and at a Total Loss on How to Fix.

The Blog Stayed Silent.

I tried Google research but the Issues Were Too Big for My Feeble Computer Knowledge.

In Despair, I contacted GoDaddy.

GoDaddy to the Rescue.  I learned GoDaddy has a New Service for WordPress issues.

Yes for a Fee.  But You Can Do a Trial Run.

3 Service Calls for WordPress Issues.  $84.09.

Solutions in 96 Hours.  Or Less.

Everything is Done by Email.  No Phone Contact.

But at Least a Human Writing and Quickly Responding to All Questions and Concerns.

A Written Dialog to Solve the Problems.

This Post that You are Reading is My Test.

If You are a Doodle T Subscriber and You Received this Post by Email…


We’re Back!

If You Didn’t Receive this Post…I have One More Service Call.

Well Here Goes…Push the Publish Button.

Hello Doodle T Magic.

So Glad to Be Back.



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