Living in the Balloon Capital of the World

First Weekend in October.

Perfect Flying Weather for Hot Air Balloons.  Cold Mornings.  Warm Afternoons.  Cold Nights.

No Wind.  No Rain.  No Clouds.  Just Blue as Far as You Can See.

This is the Time when Balloons from All Over the World Come to Albuquerque.

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.  The Largest Balloon Event in the World.

600 Balloons.  1000 Pilots.  All Up at the Same Time.

Just Up the Street from Me.   Where the Magic Happens.

Come On Along…We Saved You a Spot!

But It Is Very Early…

 Still Pitch Black and Out the Door.  I’ll Get You Coffee Once we Hit the Field.

Park the Car and Hitch a Ride with the Cart Man.  Already Burrito in Hand.

Let’s Meet the Mayor of Albuquerque while the Balloon Pilots Get Ready.

Breakfast.  Of Course, Burritos…but there’s Tons of Crazy Offerings.

How About Mutton Stew in a Bread Bowl from the Native Cafe?

Or Tom Thumb Donuts?  Hot.  Cinnamon Sugar.  Pop in Your Mouth Size.

Ok.  Donuts!

Breakfast in Down Coats, Scarfs and Wooly Hats.

As the Sun Peeks Over the Sandia Mountains, the Balloons Begin to Rise.

The Media is Here to Broadcast the Magic.

The Balloons Go Up in Waves.  The First Wave is Up.

Let’s follow this Stately Gentleman from Wisconsin with his Grumpy Sun Balloon.

His Basket is Tiny.  Only Large Enough for a Pilot and Passenger.  Miss Doodle 2 Tries it Out.

A Fan Blows Air into the Balloon.  The Crew Waits.

Sun Up.  The Warmth Feels Good.

The Harvest Full Moon Thoroughly Enjoys His Vantage Point.

Balloons, like Race Horses, Jockey to Lift Skyward.

Chicks Get to Fly with the Big Boys.

 Hot Air Rises.  Propane does the Trick.

Standing At Attention.  Ready to Launch.

Waiting for the All Clear Signal…

Love that Whoosh of Propane Flames.

Can You Feel the Excitement Building?

Even Selfies Look Up.

The Air is Electrifying.

Keep Your Eye on Our Mr. 165…He’s Getting Into the Basket.

Ready.   Set.   Go.  Click Here for Lift Off !!!

Look!…Swirls of Special Shapes Now Fill the Sky.

Hello Darth…Sir.

And Yoda!

Did You Know that Eggs Can Fly?

600 Strong.

Intoxicating Colors.

Magical Shapes.

I know it’s Crazy Early to Be Out Watching Balloons…

But with a Bit of Coffee.  Sugary Donuts.  And the Smell of Propane….

Your Spirts Soar.

All You Have to Do Is Look Up.

Let’s Do This Again Next Year…The First Saturday in October.

Oh Good.  It’s a Date!  🙂


4 thoughts on “Living in the Balloon Capital of the World

  1. Aren’t they just gorgeous! Like a hundred rainbows floating loose in the sky. We have two big balloon festivals here. One is in Park City up in the mountains. It’s quite large. The other is right here on Antelope Island near us. One of these days I’m going to make it there, though we can see them a little from our house. Beautiful post, Jeanne.

  2. Such a fabulous event and I imagine the balloons can be seen for miles around. I had no idea Albuquerque hosted such a great international fiesta. The balloons look beautiful against that gloriously blue sky. Perfect conditions for ballooning, as you say! You visit some great places, Jeanne. 😀

    1. Hi Millie…glad you enjoyed the visit to the balloons…blue, blue skies and cold mornings with no wind…yup…perfect for ballooning…balloons from all over the world…England, Canada, Australia, Germany…I can’t imagine how they get all the equipment here…but they do. 🙂

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