Pumpkin Carving Fails with Candle Flame Magic

Ahhh…the Classic Jack-O-Lantern.  Fun.  But Not for Us.

Image result for traditional jack o lantern

We’re Going All Avant-Garde this Year.

And We Have Great Inspiration.

Hello Pumpkin Carving Masterpieces!

Our Inspirations…

A Country Living Magazine Pumpkin Wood Stove.  Love the Orange Glow and Stacked Wood.

A Country Living Magazine Pumpkin House.  Bark Door and Roof.   Cotton Puff Smoke.  Cozy.

And the Crazy Cat.

Everyone is Pumpkin Crazy Here.

The Elementary School Pumpkin Carving Contest has Big Winners.

Meet Candy Corn Head.  Or is it a Sea Urchin?

A Ghostly School House.

First Grade Funny Faces and Glitter.

Boil and Toil Witches’ Brew.

Dia del los Muertos.

Now it’s Our Turn.

Pumpkins at the Ready.    Carving Tools in Hand.   Inspiration Swirling in Our Heads.

Cutting the Bottom is the Best Place to Start.

It’s Easy to Remove the Guts and the Top Stem Stays in Place.

A Right of Passage to Handle the Cutting Tools.

Sketching Out the Design for the Wood Stove Helps to Get it Just So.  In theory.

Pumpkin Cutting Tools are Safer than Knives and Streamline the Carving.  Cat Face Emerging.

We Save the Seeds and Pulp for Planting.  It has never worked in the past…But We Keep Trying.  🙂

Hot Glue for Finishing Touches.  Ears.  Whiskers.  Doors.  Roof.  Check.

Black Spray Paint Adds Drama to the Cat.  The Wispy Hot Glue adds a Spider Web Effect (?)

The Black Pumpkin Wood Stove.  With a Few Broken Windows.  Hmmm.

The Pumpkin House is Wobbly but Ready for Trick-Or-Treaters.

Once Night Falls, a Little Sneak Peek Before All Hallows Eve.


Everyone Looks Better in Candle Light.

But You Already Knew That.  🙂

These are the Best Pumpkins We Ever Did!

Love the Magic.

 Will You Celebrate with Pumpkins?

A Little Carving?  Some Baking?  Drinking Hot Drinks?

Don’t Forget to Add that Dash of Magic.

6 thoughts on “Pumpkin Carving Fails with Candle Flame Magic

  1. A great tip I’ll try out next year – cutting out the bottom. Thanks! Hope you all enjoyed the evening and the tricks and treats! 🙂
    Would you believe somebody actually stole my pumpkin?! (My fault I guess for still leaving it outside on a Wednesday!)

    1. Hi Haylee…I can’t take credit for the cutting out the bottom tip…that goes to Martha Stewart…but it does work. 🙂 Sorry to hear about your pumpkin…guess that nonsense is universal. All the more reason to do it bigger and better next year.

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