Read to Me. Please.

Mr. Doodle is a Wonderful Reader.

He’s Been Reading Since He was 4.

He said that even in College, the Professor would have him read out loud to the Class.

His Voice is Strong yet Soothing.  Like Warm Syrup on Pancakes.

Together.  Side by Side.  Hot Chocolate in Hand.

Just Before Bedtime.  He Reads a Story.

I Listen Too.  My Heart Swells as the Words Tumble Out.

This Night a Well-Worn Book.  Read to a New Audience.

To Instill the Gift of Reading.

Sometimes He Changes Voices to Fit the Characters.

Other Times He Plays with the Cadence.

He Makes Sound Effects.  Or Reads the Words in a Whisper.

No Stumbling over Pronunciations.

Reading the Way J.K. Rowling intended her Story to be Read.

Yes, there are Nights When All the Activities of the Day Come Crashing Down.

Everyone Tired.  Worn Out.

But Still He Reads.  And We All Listen.

A True Lover of Books.  Hoping to Show By Example How Wonderful Reading Can Be.

With English as Miss Doodle 2’s Second Language, Reading has been a Struggle.

It is said that in the Elementary Grades, Students Learn to Read.

By Mid-School, Students Read to Learn.

Accepting the Challenge is the First Step.  Mastering is the Goal.

Reading is the Key.   Reading is the Answer.

Schools Push Hard on Reading.  But Schools are Only One Piece of the Puzzle.

Reading at Home is the Other.

Maybe Even the Bigger Piece.

We are Older Parents.  A lot Older.

But the Importance of Reading has Never Wavered.

School and Home.  It Must be a Partnership.  A Village.

To Have Our Kids Love Reading.

Which Brings Me to the School Book Fair.

This Year there were Fabulous Book Fair Volunteers.

And Tons of Book Offerings Swirling Around.

Scholastic Books is the Sponsor.

In this Electronic Age…it is Surprising to Me to See and Feel the Excitement about Books.

The Book Offerings are Magical.

With Books for Everyone.

And Some Fun Goo Gaas Too.

The Book Fair is Held on a School Night.  During Dinner Time.

I always say if you want to Hold People’s Attention.  Feed Them.

This Year…Finally…the School added a Pot Luck Dinner to the Book Fair.

Pastas.  Stews.  Salads.  Indian Fry Bread.  Enchiladas.

The Food Dishes were as Varied as the Families that Attended.

They Came for the Food and Stayed for the Books…or the Other Way Around.

No Matter…It Was a Fun, Successful Event.  With Books as the Main Attraction.

Truth Be Told…

If given the choice of making stew or crazy cupcakes….I’ll pick the cupcakes every time. 🙂

Reading is Magic.  Have a Cupcake.  Pass it On.


11 thoughts on “Read to Me. Please.

  1. I’m humbled by your post, but I know the importance of reading and books – it’s fun and can be a ticket to the world at Large

  2. Very smart to feed the crowd. Oh, I love a book fair. And I love that your girls are seeing “real books” made out of paper with tactile pages to turn. Reading is so critical — both technically and because it can take you anywhere you want to go!

    1. So, so true…on all counts. I actually watched families linger at the table eating and talking together…it was lovely to see. 🙂

  3. Terrific post! When I was teaching kindergarten the Book Fair was always a big deal for us. I made sure every one of my kids got to choose a book. Our Stef (from Bangalore, India) has always struggled to read. Now and then she’ll pick up a book, and she home schools two of the kids, but it’s an effort.

  4. How wonderful to be sure that each child got to choose a book…you’ve touched many lives doing that. My first teaching job was 6th grade Language Arts/Literature and Religion in a Catholic school…I walked into the classroom and saw there are no books for kids to read…the principal gave me $150 to buy books through Scholastic to get the class started. Then each month when kids purchased books I would select the same books that they were choosing for the class. Scholastic allows teachers to purchase books with the points earned from the book orders…it worked like a charm…but the end of the school year the class had collected over 600 books…with no added costs to the school. And the best part…the kids were reading and talking about the books(!) I miss the classroom. 🙂

    1. Hi Summer…he is excellent and has the patience that I sometimes sorely lack…guess we rely on our strengths and weaknesses to keep all the balls in the air. 🙂

  5. What a great reader!! My husband bought me the illustrated version of the Sorcerer’s Stone, so it’s neat to see that book #2 is out. We love the HP books and can’t wait to read them to our girls in a few years – with voices and suspense, too!
    Reading is one of life’s most wonderful things, I think. Never ending adventures in time and space! And yes, Scholastic is fantastic! We are already buying books through my daughter’s Pre-K class. Love it!

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