Shopping a Sexy Salvage Yard

A Remodeling House Project is in the Wind.

The Back Door Entry and Laundry.  Just a Bit of a Nip and Tuck.

Contemporary Rustic Design.  Maybe that’s Not a Thing.  But in My Head it is.

Tin for the Walls.  A Barn Door for the Laundry Storage Closet.

And since it is a High Traffic Area, We’re Thinking Tile for the Floor.

A Trip to the Tile Store Can Be Overwhelming.

Some of the Choices that Caught My Fancy are Here…Do You Have a Favorite?

A. White Ground with Black/Gray Pattern.

B. Black ground with White Pattern.

C. White/Gray/Black Quilt Pattern.  Too Busy?

D. White Ground with Blue?Gray Pattern.

E. White ground with Blues.  Modern design.

F. White ground with Green or Burgundy design.

G. Saltillo tile. Grey grout.

H. Rustic wood-look tiles.  In slats.  Yes, it’s Ceramic Tile.

Then We Took a Drive to the Salvage Yard to Stroll and Shop.

Have You Ever Done Salvage Yard Shopping???  Oh Good.  Let’s Go!

Most of Today’s Offerings were from Commercial Spaces…Many Too Large for Home Spaces.

But Let’s Look Anyway.

Here are Exhausted Office Chairs that have Seen their Last Meeting.


Wood Frames.  Not Sure From What…But Tons Available.  Piled to the Roof Rafters.

A Retro Exit Sign.  Just Needs a Dusting and Rewiring.  Wouldn’t this be Fun at the Back Door?

Florescent Light Bulbs…a Cool Sculpture Waiting for an Artist to Come Along.

Sliding Doors.  Massive.  And Cheap.

Outside there Were More Treasures Lounging in the Sunshine.

Piles of School Desks.  No Teacher in Sight.

Heavy Metal Boxes Stacked in the Sun.

A Rolling Utility Cabinet.  With Shelves and Industrial Wheels.  Laundry Room Storage?

A Metal/Wood Work Bench on Wheels.  A Great Island?  Laundry Table?

A Closer Inspection of the Wood Top…It Could Clean Up Nicely.

A Mid-Century Office Time Clock.  Stopped at 5:10 Forever.  Quitting Time.  🙂

File Cabinets.  In Fashionable Stone or Gray.  Well Worn.

An Airport Luggage Cart.  Yard Ornament?  Getting a little crazy.  Must be the Sun.

The Sink Graveyard.  Sinks for Decades.

Wood Stairs Waiting for a New Home.

Industrial Metal Stairs.  Jungle Gym Strength.

Stone Ornamental Tiles.  Pretty.

A Carved Stone Pedestal….Very Heavy.

Stone Roof Tiles.  For Miles.


Did You See Anything Interesting?  We Can Always Go Back.

Thanks for Your Help.  A Silly Shopping Spot Filled with Magic.

5 thoughts on “Shopping a Sexy Salvage Yard

  1. Okay, let’s see …. floor: quilt pattern or Saltillo. No green or burgundy. Things I could lust after: the clock, the wood top that looks like butcher block, and most important, the exit sign. My daughter in Virginia is re-doing a 1871 farmhouse, and this type of question is a regular occurrence. I know you whatever you pick will be great!

  2. The detritus of society is always fascinating to view – those big pumps and generators there speak to a mechanized society which is constantly changing…

  3. What a fun place to poke around. LOVED the colors in G, but H was fascinating given it’s actually tile! Girl, you are SO ambitious! I’ve always thought it would be really cool to use a barn door for something. Sliding OR one that the top and bottom open separately.

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